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As the cliché says, you are only as strong as your weakest link. The same holds true in the restaurant industry. Every day, your employees interact with customers and serve as the 'face' of your organization. Happy employees who are engaged …
Don’t lose job-seeking customers to the black holeThe black hole, that place where job applications go when they aren't looked at or responded to. There's no restaurant job seeker — quick-serve, fast casual, pizza or otherwise — who enjoys a trip to the black hole wondering if their job …
If the United States Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) showed up on your company's doorstep today, would you be worried? Would a complete audit of your employment files easily weather an ICE raid? If you don't immediately answer "yes" with 100 …
It’s not a chicken-and-egg scenario: quality comes before sales When it comes to driving growth in your restaurant, you may find yourself asking a lot of chicken-and-egg questions. Do you need increased sales before adding a new concept? Or do you add a new concept so that you can increase market share? Do you …
Spread of hours in New YorkAre you familiar with the regulation regarding the spread of hours in New York? It applies to virtually every restaurant in the state and failure to adhere to it can lead to sanctions by the state's Department of Labor. The law works like this: Let'…
Glass is half full hiring: it’s all about perspectiveSome employers take months, even years, fine tuning their hiring approach to ensure they can build an hourly workforce that will drive growth. And then new trends come along and impact the efficacy of that hiring approach, leaving employers' hiring …
In "Restaurants Serve Up a Path to Success — Part 1," we reviewed the ways restaurant owners and managers can step-up their efforts to engage employees and inspire careers in foodservice. In this segment, let's focus on how the restaurant …
Employees using their own devices (smart phones, tablets, PCs) actively use the technology they're most comfortable with, which has a positive impact on productivity. Some organizations are creating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that …
The National Restaurant Association's (NRA) 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast recently identified the top five elements that drive a consumer's decision when choosing which quick-service restaurant (QSR) to frequent: food quality, value for price …
While summer may seem ages away, hourly employers who see a spike in summer business know that summer hiring has to start before winter is even over. Snagajob's recent summer hiring survey showed that hourly employers began summer hiring as early as …
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