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Charitable collections – Taking Scrooge out of the pictureThe spirit of giving tugs at our hearts during the holiday season. We fill the toy containers at various reception points for various charities. We give our cash graciously to the bell ringers and cash collection charity boxes attached to the drive …
How to protect your restaurant from a fireBy Mike Rosenau, MBA, CSP, ARM Risk control manager at Society Insurance Editor's note: Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 6-12. One of the biggest threats to restaurant and bar owners is fire, which can be a costly and potentially business-ending …
DTT has announced an expanded partnership with SSP America's North American division. The relationship began in late 2011, and has continued to grow, with DTT installing its 100th SSP location last month. As a provider of loss-prevention solutions …
Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a provider of integrated security and surveillance solutions, will showcase its latest video surveillance technologies and solutions at ASIS International this week in Chicago. New offerings …
When an obvious security issue wasn’t – but was indeedThe inner city fast food restaurant had been closed for about 30 minutes. The closing manager and her crew were busy with the usual cleaning operation; the same routine nightly. The peaceful late night was suddenly pierced by the sound of gun fire …
The Restaurant Loss Prevention & Security Association (formerly NFSSC), recently completed its 34th Annual Conference, at the M Resort, Aug. 4-7, in Las Vegas. More than 300 LP professionals participated in the meeting, marking a nearly 30 …
SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services LLC, a California-based insurance agency, has provided five risk management tips for the foodservice industry. Coverage for supply chain risk. Supply delivery can be interrupted by many factors, including …
The anti-Robin Hood approach to inventory control Company leaders were puzzled how one location's inventory losses climbed out of control and be sustained for so long. What was particularly confusing was the location was supervised by an experienced Area Manager. The four other locations under his …
What your bad employees don't want you to knowYour business is down. Your customers don't seem to be as happy or at least they aren't as engaged with your company as they have been in the past. So, what's going on? Is it the economy? Maybe. Is it the increased competition? Perhaps. You have …
Triton has released updated versions of software for both the VersaSafe and VersaLink smart safe, cash management solutions. Both updates will work in concert and are loaded with increased functionality, allowing operators to be more efficient when …
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