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Cheese and wheat prices take a tumbleCheese prices took a much-anticipated tumble last week after months on the rise and all-time highs. Conversely, prices at the pump are climbing, and are 12 cents higher than they were a month ago. Here's a glimpse at the market this week: Cheese …
Wheat prices drop after weeks of gainsCheese prices finally seem to have stabilized after months on the rise and flirting with all-time highs. Wheat prices also fell a bit this week after two weeks of spikes. Here's a glimpse at the market this week. Cheese Cheese prices remained stable …
How small pizza chains are competing through high cheese pricesBy Holly Freeland While it may go largely unnoticed by American pizza consumers, the price of cheese — the costliest ingredient in pizza — has been rapidly rising throughout the past year. On the Chicago Mercantile, prices averaged $1.57 …
Spring refinery maintenance leads to higher gas pricesWhile cheese prices finally eased a bit after weeks on the rise toward all-time highs, gas prices went in the opposite direction. The average cost of fuel is 10 cents more than a month ago, driven by "seasonal refinery maintenance." Here's a glimpse …
Cheese prices continue to climbCheese prices are showing no mercy, jumping another 8 cents last week. They are at an all-time high, driven in large part by greater consumption in China. After weeks on the rise, however, wheat prices have tempered a bit and gas prices are steady …
Wheat prices up more than $1 since JanuaryIt was a tough week for the balance sheets. Cheese prices continued to show no mercy last week and are near all-time highs. Wheat prices also jumped and are up more than a dollar since the beginning of the year, while gas prices have risen 21 cents …
Food costs continue to elude stabilityKeeping up with food costs is a bit dizzying in the current market. Cheese prices are nearing all-time highs, while a shrinking beef supply also threatens the balance sheets. And then there is coffee, produce, pork, etc. Here is a glimpse at what is …
Domino's, Papa John's trading at lifetime-high pricesLast week's earnings reports for both Domino's and Papa John's were positive enough to send both companies' shares into lifetime-high territory. Among their executives' themes on the earnings calls was how they can leverage their scale to navigate …
Warmer temperatures bring higher gas pricesFuel prices have been on the rise for the past few weeks now, and are 13 cents higher than they were a month ago. Some analysts say the trend is common as temperatures get warmer. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, gas prices are expected to …
Pizza stocks ride Wall Street's reboundAfter a rough January, Wall Street rebounded big last week, as investors warmed up to new Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen's promise to maintain the policies of her predecessor, according to CNN. Every pizza stock jumped last week in response to …
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