Operations Support

Our founder, John Krebs, operated in the demanding inflight catering arena for major airlines internationally. We understand the complexity of changing venues, product specs, changing markets and varying distribution channels.

Most Group Purchasing programs offer lower prices and nothing else. We know the industry and recognize that one-size-does-not-fit-all operations. Our expertise allows us to support you on:

  • Standard operation procedures
  • Menu management
  • Special projects
  • One-time source needs
  • Contract negotiations
  • RFP’s
  • RFQ’s
  • Branded information portal
  Products and Services
  • Food Cost Management

    Food Cost Management

    By leveraging our multi-billion dollar spending power, you save on nationally recognized brands from more than 350 quality manufactures. Savings on: food, everyday staples, supplies, chemicals and more.

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  • Group Purchasing Services

    Group Purchasing Services

    With $10 billion in foodservice purchasing, AXIS has existing agreements with more than 350 foodservice manufacturers, many that you use right now.

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  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    We bring more to the table including; a multi-billion dollar purchasing group, RFP and distribution expertise. Short on time and resources? We help fill the gaps.

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  • Sourcing


    Need assistance finding an item for a Limited Time Offer (LTO), or new service? With our expertise and market relationships, Axis can help.

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  • Distribution RFP’s & RFQ’s

    Distribution RFPâs & RFQâs

    Be sure you get the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time from the best distribution source.

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  • Business Performance Management

    Business Performance Management

    Writing contracts is just the beginning, we help you manage and audit for price, specs and performance.

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John Krebs
John Krebs is a dynamic, seasoned executive with experience in building and growing multi-million-dollar organizations through strategic visioning, expert leadership, and strong operational expertise. Krebs has helped hundreds of foodservice organizations achieve a focus on exceptional results by using his operational and supply expertise in distribution, purchasing and operational management.