HAND-PINCHED STYLE® Sausage and Beef Toppings

HAND-PINCHED STYLE® Toppings from Burke are unique products defined by irregular appearance that mimics raw meat that has been directly pinched onto a pizza.  You get the look of handmade with the safety and convenience of fully cooked meats.

Great Sausage makes Great Pizza.

  • Authentic raw, craggy-style appearance with the convenience and safety of fully cooked
  • Firm texture and bite; notably in our new lineup of coarse-ground products
  • Premium blend of quality pork or beef and carefully selected seasonings
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and flavor profiles
  • Perfect for premium and signature menu items

The upscale, handmade look made easy.

  • Flavor – Mild to spicy, Italian to Mexican
  • Size – Avg 4/oz to 45/oz
  • Color – Brown to red
  • Species – Pork, beef and/or poultry
  • Texture – Coarse to finely ground
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