Cured Meats

Bacon Pieces—our bacon pieces are created from quality strip cut bacon.  These cuts are smoked to evoke true bacon flavor and the aroma that customers love.  Our pieces are packed in gas-flushed packaging to stay fresher longer. 

Canadian-style bacon—smoked, cured and processed pork.  Variations depend on the part of the animal from which the meat is derived.  May be made from pork loin or pork sirloin hips.  However, if made from pork sirloin hips, the product must be labeled as such.

Ham shank roll—made from shank meat from the ham

Pork roll—may use any type of pork trimmings.

Canadian-Style Bacon, Ham Shank & Pork Roll, Ham

  • Handcrafted, carefully smoked and slow cooked for authentic flavor
  • Wide variety to fit every menu and price point
  • Smoked with naturally flavored hickory smoke
  • Many slicing options available
  • Contain natural and/or synthetic inhibitors to guard against microbial growth
  • Vacuum-packed for longer shelf life
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