Custom-made POS system: Reality or myth?

Dec. 2, 2004

Your growing pizza operation needs a point-of-sale system to grow with it. You've auditioned lots of them, but none matches your operations exactly. You track sales and payroll one way, but they run the numbers another way. Their order interfaces are super ... but they're not just like you want them.

You're faced with buying the best solution rather than the ideal one, and ultimately you have to alter your systems to match the POS system you purchase.

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Or do you?

According to Deco Solutions Group co-CEO Richard De Coursey, operators can have a customized POS system that's affordable too.

We send our team in and learn how the operator runs their business and then assemble a custom solution," he said. "We wouldn't take a product made for Pizza Hut and try to install it at CiCi's."

To build a customized system, Deco's developers, headed by co-CEO and vice president of research and development, David De Coursey, spend weeks in a chain's operations learning its process. Additional weeks follow for custom software development, testing and implementation. The result is a unique system designed for that operator.

"We take our software, put it on Dell hardware and connect the different components to make one complete package," said De Coursey, whose units are in more than 100 CiCi's Pizza units and 4,400 restaurants worldwide. "Once it's unboxed, they plug it in and they're online."

In the field

Wyatt Hurt, COO with The Marwin Group, a 52-unit CiCi's franchisee, said the customizing has continued with his Deco system long after the installation.

"As we learn more about the system, they've been more than willing to make the changes and adjust things to make it better for us," Hurt said.

Hourly staffers learn the system in a day, Hurt said, while managers — who access detailed reports — are proficient in two days.

Until incorporating the new POS system, Hurt said the company relied on cash registers only.

"Judging by the size of our company, we knew we needed to do a better job of tracking everything on a timely basis, which cash registers can't do," said Hurt. His POS system's accounting process shaves off days of effort. "We'd do all the data entry by hand ... and send it in. What used to take us 10 days now takes three hours."

At roughly $3,000 per terminal (and Hurt's CiCi's have two terminals per store), Hurt knew he was making a serious investment for the future.

"Buying a POS system was a choice we committed to, and we're seeing the impact on the effectiveness in our offices," he said. "On the administrative side, the savings are real and continue to grow the larger we get as a company."

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