PizzaMarketplace Top 100 Movers & Shakers Trends, No. 25: Food Trucks

April 22, 2013

Editor's note: The following information is part of a countdown recap from the inaugural Top 100 Movers and Shakers publication. It was published in the spring of 2012. Some of the information may now be different.

As more cities ease restrictions on food trucks, the number of meals being served on wheels is rapidly increasing. The 2010 National Restaurant Association show featured a food truck pavilion for the first time and participation doubled in 2011. Best-in-class examples include Streetza, which is ranked as one of the nation's top food trucks, and the Big Green Truck Pizza, a New Haven, Conn. catering company that delivers a party on wheels using antique trucks and wood-fired Mugnaini ovens.

Fueled by the popularity of food trucks, more mobile pizza ovens are entering the marketplace, making it easier for brands to take it to the streets.

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