2014 on the menu: Specialty pizzas and menu overhauls

Pizza Hut wasn't the only concept to undergo a massive makeover this year; Sbarro, CiCi's, California Pizza Kitchen and Chuck E. Cheese's also all took a page from the 'Domino's playbook.'

Has the pizza segment responded to demand for healthier options?

Launches during Q1 feature unique veggie toppings and 'health-halo' descriptors.

PizzaMarketplace launches Top 100 Movers & Shakers

The inaugural Top 100 Movers & Shakers features a ranking of the top concepts, leaders and trends in the $38 billion pizza segment.

Restaurants adapt to 'new normal' with efficiency, innovation

Mergers and acquisitions market won't be as active in 2012.

PizzaMarketplace.com's top stories of 2011

Stocks were hot as companies focused on domestic and international growth.

Cheese prices jump as wheat drops

CEC Entertainment hits 52-week high.

Wheat prices on the rise

Domino's hits 52-week high for the third week in a row.

Several pizza chains hit 52-week highs

Wheat prices are still dropping.

Wheat prices continue downward spiral

Cheese Average block cheese prices rose slightly last week on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, coming in at an average of $2.13. The previous week's average was $2.11. Cheese prices closed at $2.13 even from Monday through Friday. Wheat Crop supportive...

Cheese prices still on the rise

Pizza Inn hits a new 52-week high.

Russian export ban, weather hit wheat prices

California Pizza Kitchen stock jumps almost $2 after news of sale.

Gas hits $4 mark in many cities

Pizza Inn hits 52-week high; Domino's, Papa John's, Chuck E. Cheese's get earnings report boosts.

Domino’s hits new 52-week high

Gas prices show no mercy.

Yum! Brands hits all-time high

Papa John's stock takes a hit following resignation of co-CEO.

Gas prices up almost a dollar from last year

Papa John's hits new 52-week high; stock drops after news of president's resignation.

Gas prices inching closer to all-time highs

Some relief comes from cheese, natural gas prices.

Cooler weather boosts natural gas prices

Cheese prices drop to last year's average.  

Cheese prices down more than 25 cents

Gas prices remain stubborn.

Domino’s hits 52-week high

Gas prices continue to climb; cheese prices hit $2 mark.

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