Crime prevention – The power of a flower


Crime Prevention through Environmental Design relies on the ability to deter criminal acts.


Feds charge a suspected major cyber thief

Everyone in retail can breathe a little easier today knowing that federal authorities have charged David Benjamin Schrooten, or as he is known in cyber space “Foretezza,” with multiple counts of credit card theft.  Allegedly, Schrooten, who is a Dutch national, and his U.S. accomplice, Christopher A.

Would YOU resist a robber?

The young manager knelt in front of the safe, a thousand thoughts cluttering his head. His fingers were nearly frozen with fear as he fumbled with the combination.

Teach employees how to react in dangerous situations

Yasin Sara was robbed at his Y & S Supermarket this past week in Tampa, FLa. Sadly the robbery turned tragic when Sara confronted the gunman and was shot in the chest.

Restaurants get in touch with biometrics

Fingerprint-reading technology is cheaper and easier to use than many think.

Getting the police to do something

I heard the complaint again today. The local police are not responding.

Pizza Marketplace releases industry study

Report outlines trends and issues facing the pizzeria business.

Pizza Fusion re-raises more than $18,000 after funds stolen

Arizona restaurant was burglarized after fundraiser for family of boys killed by drunk driver.

Restaurants hit by Heartland data breach

With literally tens of millions of card transactions at risk, malware found on the server of Heartland Payment Systems may make history.

The dangers of delivery

Driver safety depends on following procedure, no matter how busy your restaurant is.

Is cashless delivery on the way?

The shift to a cashless society is important to delivery-driver safety.

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Pizza Hut goes high-tech to avoid theft

Pizza Hut franchisee Rage Inc. has rolled out DigitalPersona U.are.U Fingerprint Biometrics in 118 Pizza Hut locations throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. The system requires employees to scan their fingerprints when using the company's Speedline Point-of-Sale...

Mayor vetoes 'Chicken Shack' Ordinance

Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza in Newark N.J., was the scene of a fatal shooting in late May, sparking the city council to author an ordinance to force small restaurants to post armed guards after 9 p.m.

Newark City’s late-night eateries must hire armed security

The Newark City Council in New Jersey today approved legislation that calls for late-night eateries to post armed guards after 9 p.m. until they close, accoridng to The new ordinance, sponsored by South Ward Councilman Ras Baraka, comes roughly...

Suit against Domino's claims delivery driver was drunk

A Granite City, Wis., man said his back was broken when a pizza delivery man crashed into him while allegedly driving drunk. According to the Madison Record, Scott D. Price filed a lawsuit May 18 in St.

Pennsylvania restaurants on scam alert

Restaurants in Pennsylvania have been warned by the U.S. Agriculture Department of a potential scam involving an unidentified caller claiming to be a health inspector seeking business information. Restaurants in Venango and York counties have recently received the suspicious calls.

Fake Bob Dylan pizza order costs restaurant $3,900

The manager of Antonio's pizza in Boston said the restaurant is out $3,900 because of a fake order placed by a moonlighting Bob Dylan roadie. Dylan was playing in Boston Friday, Nov. 19 and the order, for 178 pizzas, was...

Dayton helps deliverymen avoid disaster

Police and a neighborhood group in Dayton are taking preemptive measures to protect their pizza deliverymen by compiling a "do not deliver" list for the drivers to heed, according to Dayton's    The effort especially seeks to turn delivery drivers away from legally vacant houses that were recently lost to foreclosures.

Collar-bomb suspect ruled competent

A judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that a woman accused of masterminding an elaborate bank robbery that ended in the death of pizza deliveryman Brian Wells is competent to stand trial, according to a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.   U.S.

Murder of pizzeria owner tied to immigration scam

The beating death of a pizzeria owner in Washington, D.C., was tied to an immigration scam in which the victim had agreed to pay a Maryland woman $500 a week to marry his brother, according to a story in the Washington Post. The pizzeria owner then reneged on the deal after the wedding, police said.

Delivery driver arrested for altering credit card tips

A delivery driver for a Domino's restaurant in Staten Island, N.Y., has been arrested for altering customers' credit card receipts, according to a story in the Staten Island Advance.   Pedro Lamboy added up to $5 in tips on customers' credit card slips if they were "bad" or "snotty" to him, according to court papers.

Police search for Chuck E. Cheese bandits

Police in Georgia are searching for three men who have robbed seven businesses in Georgia and South Carolina, including four Chuck E. Cheese restaurants.

Domino's employee under arrest for identity theft

A 19-year-old New Jersey man is charged with theft and identity theft for allegedly stealing $52,000 from his employer's bank accounts, according to a story in the Daily Record of Parsippany, N.J. Officials from Domino's Pizza reported that the store's...

Pizzeria worker foils robbery with beer can

A 72-year-old pizzeria worker chased off two robbers by hurling a can of beer at them, according to a story in the Lancaster, Pa., New Era. One of the men pointed a shotgun at the employee, who was stocking a cooler, police said.

Man robs Ga. Domino's to impress girlfriend

A Georgia man told police he robbed a Domino's Pizza restaurant in order to cover up his lies to his girlfriend, according to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.   Billy Prince, 24, armed himself with a knife and robbed a Domino's in Cherokee County and fled with an unknown amount of cash.

Florida man arrested for child abuse after throwing pizza

A Gainesville, Fla., man has been charged with child abuse after throwing a slice of pizza at his daughter, according to a story in the Gainesville Sun.   According to police, the man told his daughter to turn off her computer, using a racial and sexist slur.

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