Study focuses on how to build loyalty among Hispanic consumers

Hispanics are more likely to visit a restaurant with friends and family than the general population.

5 ways mobile-based loyalty programs will grow your business

Mobile-based loyalty programs allow you to connect with your customers anytime through text messaging so you can send instant incentives, which can stimulate sales when you need it most.

Three things you need to know about Facebook Timeline for brands

The new layout allows brands to interact privately with customers and stay updated on page data.

Waking up at 40,000 feet

Targeting young people online seems logical but older Americans have embraced technology, too, and want the benefits and ease of new devices and services.

Clothes can make the employee

Earlier this month I ran across an article in Freakonomics referencing a study that showed "wearing a white lab coat — a piece of clothing associated with care and attentiveness — improved performance on tests requiring close and sustained attention."...

Commentary: Kentucky chains rush to get out Final Four promotions

Louisville vs. Kentucky game leads to discounts for Papa John's, BoomBozz customers.

Social media: A necessary evil?

Market Force just completed a consumer study of social media usage. Not surprisingly, every year we've looked at usage we've seen the numbers going up.

Four tips for a successful Facebook page

Always respond to fans - whether they post a positive or negative comment about your brand.

Nutritional kiosks move into the spotlight

Impending menu labeling laws have some operators considering in-store technology.

Domino's UK's digital marketing efforts offer plenty of intrigue

Wanna take a page from a business that is doing progressive marketing right? Check out Domino's UK. That team keeps turning out one cool promo after another, incorporating digital signage, social media, augmented reality, mobile ...

Turning social media mentions into best-in-class business insight

Operators must understand the difference between marketing and operational insights from online feedback before they can use that information to their advantage.

Is your restaurant on a desire path?

Put your product on paths that grow more and more comfortable as consumers use them.

Good food, good service, fair prices

With gas prices rising, consumers will be extra mindful where they spend their money, so this is a good time to go back to basics and take care of your guests.

Chuck E. Cheese's plans to shift marketing focus to parents

The big topic on CEC Entertainment's earnings call Thursday was Chuck E. Cheese's planned marketing shift from kids to parents. The company's 2012 strategies are segmented into three major components – initiatives to increase comparative store sales; increase the growth...

Improving the customer call experience

For pizzerias, particularly those without dine-in facilities, your phone system is more than a business tool, it's the lifeblood of your business and the primary source of contact with your customers. It is therefore critical that the customer's call experience...

Courting new trials

Let’s talk for a minute about new trial. No, not the court kind, but the kind that every restaurant wants … new consumers trying out your restaurant for the first time.

Jobs, consumer confidence & pizza

Help out with any positive economics news; it will boost consumer confidence and help your business.

Commentary: Pinterest offers restaurants another way to communicate with customers

Editor's note: This post was originally published on SmartBlog on Restaurants. For more foodservice news, sign up for Restaurant SmartBrief. By Andre Kay, CEO and CMO for Sociallybuzz Social network Pinterest has been creating quite the buzz in the media lately.

Survey: Domino's creates the most 'customer delight'

Data also measured customer loyalty in QSR, casual dining categories.

Food fight: Combat rising costs with smarter hourly hiring

The restaurant industry is expected to grow this year, but realizing big profits will be a tall order in the face of rising food and labor costs. State minimum wage increases – ranging from 28 to 34 cents - could...

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