Restaurants continue efforts to reduce sodium

The American Heart Association has claimed Americans eat too much sodium and is asking restaurants to reduce sodium in their recipes.

Be allergy aware: A quick guide to the most common food allergies

Eight foods are responsible for 90% of food allergic reactions. I've assembled this guide to help you (and your kitchen) be on the lookout for a food allergy. MilkMilk allergies are caused by an allergy to one of the three proteins contained in milk: casein, whey, or curds.

2011 provides optimism for restaurant industry

Trends will surround healthy, sustainable, local, social and technological components.  

Create low calorie dishes with these 12 tips

As we continue into 2011 there seems to be a stronger theme of healthy eating. Is all the attention being stirred up by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign? Or, could it be that with this new administration we have the...

Four options for menu labeling

For weeks I have wanted to write this blog; the one that lets you know options and choices for finally getting menu nutritional information on your menu/from your recipes and where to turn. Certainly, I will miss some of the...

Commentary: Will posting calories on menu boards actually make a difference?

With strong support from health professional groups, the food industry, and consumer groups, the president signed into law The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act requiring that the majority of food products under FDA authority carry nutrition labeling. The year was 1990, George Bush Sr.

Pizza Trends 2011

Four steps that pizza operators can take to stay on trend.

Menu labeling is HOT for 2011!

As the New Year began, California decided to stand firm and strong on a very interesting topic for anyone that is in the food service business: menu labeling. That small set of numbers that is popping up on menu boards...

Local: The ins, the outs and the details

We hear the term local tossed around pretty loosely nowadays. While it's popping up on just about everything with a price tag (local business, locally owned, locally operated, locally whatever), there is no place more popular to tout the term local than in food.    And with good reason.’s top stories of 2010

Pizza giants battled out a price war and a wheat crisis, while smaller companies touted healthy pies and make-your-own concepts.

Preparing gluten free dishes

Catering to the needs of customers who require gluten free dishes is a necessity for any busy restaurant. While it may seem daunting at first, by being informed and outlining kitchen rules for preparation of gluten free dishes in your...

Leach: Salt is the new fat

Salt, the only rock we eat, has been one of the world’s most sought-after commodities. From keeping meat from spoiling, to financing of wars, to the establishment of trade routes and cities, salt courses through our veins and our history like no other substance on earth.

15 minutes with Uno Chicago Grill's Rick Hendrie

Uno marketing SVP Hendrie reveals the brand's new limited service strategies, retail solutions and the real reason behind its Chapter 11 filing.

Leach: "How we made a healthier pizza"

In the second part of his series, Naked Pizza's Jeff Leach describes how his chain defines a healthier pizza, without going organic. 

Leach: An organic Oreo cookie is still an Oreo cookie

Naked Pizza's co-founder on why organic is not necessarily healthier for you.

Slideshow: Peek inside Naked Pizza's second franchised store

On the eve of their second franchise opening, in Pizza Chain, USA (Louisville, Ky.), Naked Pizza debuted its systemwide store prototype for the second time to the world. The first franchise location opened in South Beach, Fla., in late August....

Rummer: Burger King, stick to your core competency

By Jason Rummer This month, Burger King will start to serve "pizza," or something like it – a 2,500-calorie, pizza-flavored burger sold at its Whopper Bar concept in New York's Times Square. Are they crazy? Don’t they remember that McDonald's tried the same thing and failed? For McDonald's, failure was not just once.

'Healthy' menu items have grown 65 percent in last year

Last month's recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) confirmed what Mintel’s research and consumers have already been suggesting: restaurants need healthier menus. Many restaurants have already listened.

How family-oriented restaurants should approach menu labeling

President of a popular pizza chain shares strategies for softening the blow of big-calorie menu items for concerned parents.

Anatomy of a menu overhaul

How a deep dish pizza leader reinvented its menu in the time of health hysteria -- without eroding the brand

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