People Report Summer Camp analysts discuss workforce forecast

People Report Summer Camp addresses the rapidly changing marketplace and the ever-expanding ability to connect and engage via technology and social media.

Brand ambassadorship needs to be a top priority

How much can operators control experiences that diminish their store’s reputation?

A great find…and loss

He was a great find. An experienced fast food manager walked in and applied for an open shift manager position.

Excessive exposure results in sunburn, frostbite, … violent robbery

Exposure to the elements for any length of time can lead to devastating consequences. Skin unprotected from the sun may result in serious sunburn.  With extended exposure to freezing temperatures, human tissue may be susceptible to frostbite.

Claiming the benefits of the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010

As many restaurant franchisees are currently contemplating the need to make capital improvements to their restaurants, the recently enacted Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 has provided significant income tax benefits to help lessen the financial burden of such expenditures....

Stay awake, stay uncomfortable, stay kind

We are living in a time of meta-shift. Pick your favorite historian, economist, futuris, or business sage - if you listen closely they are all telling us the same thing. We are navigating as best we can through unprecedented change...

Taking control of who has what

Do you have control of your restaurant? By that I mean everyone who has keys to the building, and storage areas, codes to the POS system, and combinations to the safe are authorized. And by authorized, I mean they have been properly screened, vetted, and have shown the appropriate responsibility to run your business.

Mentoring: A lost method for chain restaurant dividends?

Is the process of mentoring team members a lost art in your company? I hope not, because the positive investment of your time and energy in someone or a team can produce highly motivated leadership! That's leadership now for your...

15 minutes with NPC International's Jim Schwartz

CEO of the nation's largest fast food franchisee, NPC International, spills the secrets to his company’s success.

Five minutes with Madison Jobe

Pizza Inn's Chief Operating Officer talks about business trends in Saudi Arabia, one of the brand's international strongholds.

How do emerging chains allocate human capital for growth?

If you have ever grown a young franchise concept from approximately 20 locations to over 100 locations, you would probably agree that this initial growth is much more difficult than say growing from 100 to 200 locations or from 500...

Should you outsource your HR?

For many restaurant owners, outsourcing certain administrative functions provides them the ability to better focus on the strategic and operational sides of their business. For example, restaurant owners have traditionally looked to outsource such functions as accounting and payroll. Others...

When it's time to hire, look for learners

Odds are you’ve never met my mother. That’s too bad.

Manager incentive programs of yesterday

Tom Monaghan used to give his best-producing 'Dominoids' the Piaget off his wrist. And it worked.

How hands-on should a C-level exec be?

In our latest "Ask the President" blog with Stevi B's president Matthew V. Loney, we asked how hands-on the executive level leadership major pizza companies should be with their customers and franchisees.

How the evil HR guy is messing with this job market

Gratis to the Workplace Bullying Institute, a vignette from the Evil HR Guy - which is sort of funny except that it illustrates the two things holding back a recovery in this job market: Fear and Greed. Most economists, investors...

IRS Increasing Audits of Small Businesses – Are You Ready?

Over the past several years, the IRS examination of small businesses, which it defines as those with assets less than $10 million, has significantly increased. In fact, a recent report by Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (“TRAC”) shows that...

Leave Me Alone---I'm trying to work!

Okay, so unemployment is at 10% and the economy has lost over 8 million jobs since this recession began. You don't have to be an economist to know that this is, shall we say, less than ideal.

Economic Outlook Shifting for Restaurants & Workers

As unemployment has risen over the past couple of years, we've seen turnover fall to record lows. This really should come as no surprise-it's basic economics: the supply of workers increases as the demand for workers goes down.

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