Tourists are coming: Is your restaurant ready to accommodate?

Since most foreign tourists won't have access to a PC during their trip, it's critical to offer mobile-based feedback mechanisms featuring short, multi-language surveys.

Improving hiring through social platforms

Social hiring sites offer cheap, and sometimes free, opportunities to find candidates who have more extensive profiles that provide not only resumes, but a peek into personality as well.

Domino's franchisee using self-service kiosks to reach college crowd

Kiosks in college dorms incentivize students by offering $1 off if they order there rather than via computer or phone.

Solving the social media recruitment puzzle

Although social media hasn't radically changed how restaurants recruit employees yet, it has added a new dynamic that many businesses are not fully equipped to handle themselves.

Not open to discussion: The time for restaurant mobile apps is now

Remember back in the 1990s, when business owners asked, “Do we really need a website?” My, how quickly that question disappeared. Today the vast majority of businesses now have websites, and for a good portion of those, it’s the only...

How to optimize your restaurant menu on your website

Showcase your featured specials right on your homepage to draw first-time visitors in and build excitement around your limited-time offering.

Commentary: What's your mobile wallet recipe?

The mobile customer wants to be an active participant in the experience and is a potential brand ambassador if you get the experience right.

Domino's CEO not worried about emergence of fast casual pizza

The big pizza players are taking share away from regionals and independents because of their technology advantage.

What's new, and what's not, about giving great customer service

Customers have changed in ways that will profoundly impact how you deal with them.

Square CEO: Register's new features speed up service

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden used to ingrain the fundamentals in his players' heads. He'd teach grown men how to tie their shoes before they'd even take the practice court. "The player who learned the fundamentals of basketball is going to have a much better chance of succeeding," he once said.

Focus on delivery, social media contributes to Naked Pizza Middle East success

The brand's Middle East and India developer chats about the chain's international success.

5 ways to turn customer complaints into incremental sales

Complaints can represent an opportunity for QSRs and fast casuals to bake social media deeper into the fabric of their organization and become more nimble.

Don't let hackers scare off your customers

When you think about electronic security, what comes to mind? Do you consider how vulnerable your customer credit cards are, or how easily someone can break into your online bank account? These are the most profitable avenues of attack that...

The secret to word of mouth marketing: No one person behind the curtain can do it all

In 1939, few movie characters were scarier than the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion were terrified by the specter of the Wizard’s floating head, his snarling expression and booming voice. Everyone except Toto.

FCES 2013: Advancing Ideas for the Fast Casual Industry

This unique gathering, now in it's 8th year will bring together a select group of C-level executives, VPs, and Directors from the fast casual segment for two and a half days of networking and work group sessions designed to foster...

Why tablets deserve a spot on your restaurant's technology menu

Restaurants are interested in adoption for a variety of purposes, including running their point-of-sale system in store, implementing self-serve ordering stations, and promoting loyalty program sign ups.

The problem with marketing to social media 'influencers'

Everyone wants to be a social media influencer these days, right? Can you imagine how excited I was when received this email message from Klout and the brand marketing folks over at Spice Islands Trading Company? It's always nice to...

Millennials: Now Seating 80,000,000

Millennials make up nearly 25% of the U.S. population and represent direct spending power estimated at $200 billion annually.

How to get your restaurant to come up on a Google search

Google now factors in the number of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social media chatter about your website, so it's a good idea to be active on at least a few social networks.

Pizza chains tip off March Madness promos

Brands are betting on both No. 1 seeds and Cinderella upsets.

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