Domino's UK dabbles in augmented reality marketing

There are Domino's Pizza posters displayed at more than 6,000 sites across Britain that include an augmented reality (AR) feature allowing customers to download deals, get the company's mobile ordering app and become a Facebook fan. After downloading the AR...

A broader look at pizza’s busy year

There were plenty of stories that stood out this year, and even more to look for in 2012.'s top stories of 2011

Stocks were hot as companies focused on domestic and international growth.

3 trends hitting foodservice

The next big thing to hit foodservice is gamification, especially in marketing.

New Year's weekend provides rush for restaurants

100 million Americans expected to patronize a restaurant for the holiday.

We've always done it this way

The market will be significantly different just three years from now; you have to change with it.

Scalable POS systems more important than ever

Technology should be capable of integrating Web and mobile apps, as well as real-time management tools.

Pizza shipments benefit more than the bottom line

Added service provides lift in sales, brand saturation.

Pizza Hut offering 20 percent deal for Cyber Monday

The company hopes the promotion will boost online exposure.

Restaurants integrating Facebook ordering platform

ONOSYS launches fully integrated application to supplement primary websites.

Why isn't your franchise growing?

Despite the poor economy, pizza franchises are booming, according to a recent report released by It studied 20 top pizza franchises and found that although independent pizzerias still dominate the pizza market with 51.66 percent of sales and ownership...

Commentary: Social Media Part 2: Devices and their virture

If you've read part 1 of this series, you'll probably remember the picture I drew of the typical social media user: A woman, middle-age or approaching it, middle income, with at least some college education. You may also remember my...

Are you really ready for carry out?

More and more Americans order prepared food to go – and eating establishments that cater to this trend are poised for a healthy increase in incremental sales. Are you really ready for carry out? Consumers have a growing appetite for convenience in their lives – and in their eating habits.

It's go 'mobile' time

Developers of mobile sites and applications weigh in on how to best offer mobile services.

Small chains get online with online ordering

Operators and industry consultants share tips about successfully implementing systems.

Big three gear up for the big game

Pizza chains offer promotions, expect record-breaking orders for the biggest delivery day of the year.

Commodities: Cheese up 25 percent this year

Cheese up; wheat falls below September's highs.

How Coca-Cola's mobile credit campaign could change QSR

By Gary Schwartz My mobile pitch has always been "put an M in front": Take existing retail and Consumer Package Goods (CPG) processes like end cap, spiff, coupons, loyalty and POS and put a mobile element in the mix to...

NRA 2010: Farm to fork

Dan Probert with Country Natural Beef and Tom Grebb from Central Bean Company discuss the farm to fork initiative being taken on by restaurant operators and local suppliers. The movement is supported by Truitt Bros., a provider of shelf-stable foods for the restaurant industry.

How to leverage a relationship with your Foursquare mayors

Your best customers and word-of-mouth-marketers can be found on this hot location-based service.

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