A blueprint for the killer (ordering) app

Mobile ordering is still in its infancy, but there are guidelines operators can follow to unlock its power.

Build a pizza ordering app

A tech company has debuted a customizable iPhone app for the foodservice sector.

Domino's launches iPhone-optimized mobile ordering site

The new site is optimized for the Apple iPhone, Palm Pre and phones that support the Google Android operating system.

Pizza Marketplace releases industry study

Report outlines trends and issues facing the pizzeria business.

Five takeaways from the first Pizza Executive Summit

Attendees shared tips and insights at the two-day Pizza Executive Summit that covered topics such as turnover and online ordering.

Pizza Finder app available for iPhone

The application will display a listing of up to 30 of the closest pizzerias, starting with the closest.

How can restaurant operators leverage online ordering?

Online ordering is taking over the restaurant industry as another way operators can add brand value.

Ask the Experts: Pizzerias and PCI

Do operators really understand what PCI means?

Online ordering outlay offers potential payoff

A minimal investment in an online ordering system can produce big returns for a pizzeria operator.

Selling pizza by cell

Five tips for pizzeria operators to stake their claim on the mobile Web.

Selling pizzas by e-mail

E-mail databases can be an inexpensive marketing tool.

Getting the inside scoop

NAPICS 2008 gives pizza, ice cream operators real-life business tips.

Days of pizza past: the year in review

Pizzeria operators had a tough year; they fought back with technology.

FS/Tec, NAFEM highlight future trends

Video-game and online-ordering capabilities are the wave of the future.

FS/Tec, NAFEM to hold co-located event

Foodservice technology and equipment come together Oct. 10-13 in Atlanta.

Online ordering: A flourishing trend

Pizzeria operators find a gold mine in online ordering.

Brand boost: Interacting through the Internet

Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut are using the Internet to promote fun customer interaction first, pizza sales second.

Welcome to the foodservice future

Restaurant tech whiz Jim Melvin envisions a future filled with revenue-boosting, customer-operated purchase devices.

2006: A Year in Review

Following is a look at the serious and funny events transpiring last year in the pizza industry.

Gift cards boost profits

Huge sales prove customers love gift cards.

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