Gas prices stable heading into holiday shopping season

Wheat prices remain under $7 for a second week.

Wheat prices drop under $7

Wall Street has had quite a run this year, and continues to hit new milestones. The Dow Jones, for example, finished above 16,000 for the first time last week.

Stock market continues to break record highs

The average cost of wheat falls to $7 even.

About 15 percent of U.S. gas stations report sub-$3 prices

Natural gas hits its lowest price-point in three months.

Papa John's stokes pizza's digital war

Papa John's claims that more than 45 percent of orders now come from ecommerce.

Wheat prices drop more than 20 cents in a week

Some analysts predict gas to drop to 3-year low by year's end.

Fuel prices decline 6 cents in a week

Papa John's hits a 52-week high after researchers upgrade the stock to 'buy' status.

Chuck E. Cheese's marketing shift paying off for shareholders

Cheese prices are up 15 cents in two months.

Analysts predict spike in natural gas costs

Yum!'s stock falls after a disappointing earnings report and continued struggles in China.

Lower gas prices partly attributed to government shutdown

After weeks on the decline, wheat prices jump back up.

Natural gas prices drop across the country

Gas prices are 20 cents lower than they were a month ago.

Domino's, Papa John's ride stock market highs

A light hurricane season is expected to help gas prices.

Cheese prices jump 20 cents in three weeks

Last week was the stock market's best since January.

Average wheat prices plummet

Gas prices temper after a week on the rise from Syria crisis fears.

Tensions over Syria push gas prices up

Wall Street also responds negatively to the potential strikes.

Cheese and wheat prices tumble

Papa John's hits a new 52-week high.

Yum! Brands stock prices on the mend

Gas prices down 14 cents in the past month.

Papa John's CEO: You can't make superior quality pizza for $5

"In my 36 years of doing this, I've never seen the bigger players at that low a price point," Schnatter said.

Domino's turns in another 52-week high

Cool summer temperatures yield lower natural gas prices.

Wheat prices fall to lowest level since May '12

Predictions of a 5-year-peak fall short at the gas pump, as prices drop from last week.

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