Red Gold celebrates second anniversary since purchasing Calif. co-op

ORESTES, Ind.--This year marks the second anniversary of Red Gold LLC's purchase of the business and brand labels of the California co-op Tri-Valley Growers. According to a news release, the acquired branded product lines include REDPACK, TERESA, Sacramento, Tuttorosso, iL Migliore and Glorietta.

Israelis claim 100-meter pizza is world's longest

TEL AVIV—Citizens of conflict-mired Israel were given a welcome respite from their troubles on Monday as chefs in Tel Aviv cooked a giant pizza they hope will break a world record for length. According to Channel News Asia, the event drew hundreds of members of Herzliya locals together to make the 100-meter (109.4 yards) pie.

Japanese cook named Naples' best pizza maker

NAPLES, Italy -- A Japanese man took this year's title of best pizza maker at an annual pizza festival held here. According to Kyodo News, Makoto Onishi, 23, made a basic pie of tomato sauce and mozzarella that beat competitors' from several countries, including Italy.

Wunder-bar 'spins' pizza saucer at NRA show

CHICAGO -- Foodservice equipment maker Wunder-bar showed off its new pizza sauce applicator at the recent National Restaurant Association Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show. According to Wunder-bar Vice President Bret Blake, the machine can be preset to handle four sizes of pizzas...

Pizza sauce, canned tomato prices to remain steady in ''03

Despite inventories and flat demand, processors are contracting for a large tomato crop, which should keep downward pressure on prices.

PIZZA EXPO WRAP-UP: Attendees say crowd at Pizza Expo reflects strong industry

The 19th-annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas drew one of its largest crowds in recent years.

Kudos and raspberries to this month's newsmakers

A few awards and tongue-in-cheek booby prizes go out to this month's pizza industry newsmakers.

Paradise Tomato Kitchens employing X-ray scanners for safety

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Paradise Tomato Kitchens, a supplier of tomato-based sauces for pizza and restaurant chains, is now using an X-ray scanning system to detect potentially harmful particles that may have entered products during manufacturing.

Rain, heat hurt Florida fresh tomato crop, higher prices expected

NAPLES, Fla. -- The combination of high temperatures and saturating rains in south Florida this fall has hurt the state's hand-harvested fresh tomato crop.

Paradise Tomato Kitchens intros tamper-resistant boxes

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Addressing growing concerns over food safety, custom tomato sauce manufacturer Paradise Tomato Kitchens is now shipping its products with new tamper-resistant boxes.

Savory solutions

As a pizza company adds stores, its operator might consider outsourcing its sauce production.

Tomato pies recalled after cheese in sauce causes allergic reaction

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- After a New Jersey child suffered a serious allergic reaction to cheese used in the sauce of a frozen tomato pie, the product's manufacturer has recalled 1,400 pies shipped to that state, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Scientist claims lycopene also fights breast cancer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- After grabbing headlines for its ability to curb and fight prostate cancer, scientists claim that lycopene, found in high concentrations in tomato-based sauces, can do the same for diseases common to women.

Paradise Tomato, Leprino named Domino's suppliers of the year

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Domino's Pizza Distribution named sauce maker Paradise Tomato Kitchens and cheese maker Leprino Foods the company's Pizza Suppliers of the Year at its annual Suppliers Working Actively Together (SWAT) Awards Dinner.

Study finds tomatoes, lycopene may help women's heart health

ATLANTA -- Results of a study presented April 3 at the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting show that women may benefit from increased intake of tomato products. According to Vitamin Nutrition Information Service, the study suggests that lycopene, an...

Pizza ingredient conquers powerful bacteria

Could a slice of pizza a day help keep the doctor away? If recent and promising research on the bacteria-fighting properties of oregano is any indicator, it just might help. Pizza has received positive press in the last few years following extended research demonstrating the power of lycopene to ward off prostate cancer.

The Growth of American Pizza Overseas

Pizza, as the world's consumers are coming to know it, resembles the American version more than its Italian forbearer.

Paradise Tomato Kitchens

Paradise Tomato Kitchens uses California tomatoes to create pizza, marinara, barbeque sauces and salsas. Our company can custom develop new tomato-based sauces or replicate or refine your pizza shop's current sauces.

Tomato sauce again proven helpful in fighting cancer

A study published in the March 6 Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports that regular consumption of tomato sauce and other tomato-based foods lowered men's prostate cancer risk by as much as 36 percent. Dr.

High-tech Tomato Taste

A examination of the production of pizza sauce reveals the process is anything but simple.

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