Cheese prices continue to climb

Block cheese prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are up 25 percent compared with last year.

Fungus hits tomato crops in Northeast

Late blight outbreak could lead to higher tomato prices.

Pizzeria menu trends all over the map

Locally sourced ingredients and artisan cheeses are some of the products likely to appear on menus this year.

Pizza Marketplace releases industry study

Report outlines trends and issues facing the pizzeria business.

Getting pizza ready for school

Recipe changes may be needed to ensure those school pizza parties stay on the menu.

Consumers are seeking C.H.O.I.C.E.

The acronym C.H.O.I.C.E. captures many of the elements that are driving trends for the pizza industry and pizza toppings.

Food futures: Buy now, pay later

Locking in food prices can be a losing venture or a saving grace.

Troubles with toppings

The fluctuating cost of pizza toppings has added to the challenges operators face.

Remaking the menu

Pizzeria operators may already have on hand the makings of a popular new dish.

Is pizza part of a healthy diet?

Pizzeria operators are working to position pizza as a health food.

Pizzerias feeding the faithful

Operators make plans for meat-free offerings as Lent approaches.

2006: A Year in Review

Following is a look at the serious and funny events transpiring last year in the pizza industry.

For healthful pizza, go with the grain

Whole-grain and high-fiber make pizza healthful.

Hunting for great pizza in L.A.

Caioti Pizza Cafe owner Ed LaDou locates Los Angeles's best pizzas.

Pizza au naturale

Be the ingredients organic or natural, pizza eaters are showing an increased desire for more healthful offerings.

Ripe for increase: Pizza sauce prices to rise by 25%

The price of pizza sauce is expected to rise significantly in 2007. Read more to learn where other commodities prices are headed.

The spread of 'faux-primitive' pizza

Pizza maker Ed LaDou airs a sharp disagreement with those who believe pursuing authentic pizza means recreating ancient pizza.

The flame game

The fiery foods craze is working its way into pizza operations. One operator tells how his habañero pizza is heating up sales.

In the raw

Despite advances in the quality of fully cooked toppings, some pizza operators still insist on using raw meat toppings.

The rising artisan pizza movement

Artisan bread making and brewing changed the U.S. culinary landscape in the 1980s, and artisan pizza making is preparing to do the same.

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