Webinar: Pinpointing the metrics that matter in growing sales

Market Force-sponsored event highlights key factor in McDonald's dramatic turnaround.

PRSC: Using social media as recruitment, brand messaging tool

Mary Ellen Slayter, senior editor of SmartBrief, led a panel discussion titled "Taking the Social Media Leap" at People Report's Summer Camp Workforce Symposium in Dallas last week. Panelists talked about their experiences with intranets, social media policy and viral...

People Report Summer Camp analysts discuss workforce forecast

People Report Summer Camp addresses the rapidly changing marketplace and the ever-expanding ability to connect and engage via technology and social media.

NRA 2011: Providing incentives to loyal customers pays off

Papa Gino's/D'Angelos' new rewards program has yielded more profits and guests.

NRA 2011: People Matter's online training module

Kenny Oubre talks with editor Valerie Killifer about his company's web-based Learn Module.

Sales relationships critical for successful catering program

Managers should focus on training, tracking tools, time management and effective strategies.

Brand ambassadorship needs to be a top priority

How much can operators control experiences that diminish their store’s reputation?

New concept launch: From ideation to franchising

Fledgling concept creators discuss challenges, offer tips in starting a restaurant business from scratch.

A great find…and loss

He was a great find. An experienced fast food manager walked in and applied for an open shift manager position.

'Ma'am, it’s not a cup holder': Proper brand use of social media

Before getting into social media, it's important to figure out your brand identity and your strategy for presenting it.

The Domino’s Effect: Honest feedback yielding honest advertising

Some level of company candor is necessary in the days of social media.

NAPICS 2011: How to turn service into sales

Restaurant consultant provides tips on server-salesmanship training that could boost your bottom line by up to 10 percent.

NAPICS 2011: Finding the silver lining

The same economic conditions that pressured the restaurant industry are now creating tremendous growth opportunities.

Excessive exposure results in sunburn, frostbite, … violent robbery

Exposure to the elements for any length of time can lead to devastating consequences. Skin unprotected from the sun may result in serious sunburn.  With extended exposure to freezing temperatures, human tissue may be susceptible to frostbite.

2011 provides optimism for restaurant industry

Trends will surround healthy, sustainable, local, social and technological components.  

Rising food costs: The late night exchange

“Pizza, pizza, pizza! Everyday it’s pizza! I get so tired of the pizza that I eat for free as a benefit of working here. So, with a little ingenuity, our late night crew now gets a little variety in our diet.

Big three gear up for the big game

Pizza chains offer promotions, expect record-breaking orders for the biggest delivery day of the year.

Holiday business crime prevention tips

Typically crime increases during the holiday season, and stores and restaurants are not exempt. Unfortunately, dishonest people and criminals are attracted to cash businesses and resort to robbery, burglary, shoplifting, credit and gift card fraud, embezzlement, and theft. The following...

Setting boundaries for social networking in the workplace

With each passing day, social networking becomes further ingrained in our personal and work lives. The benefits of social networking in the workplace can be significant as it brings together distant locations, serves as a cost efficient recruiting and marketing...

Mentoring: A lost method for chain restaurant dividends?

Is the process of mentoring team members a lost art in your company? I hope not, because the positive investment of your time and energy in someone or a team can produce highly motivated leadership! That's leadership now for your...

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