Pizza operators advised to throw out expert advice, conventional wisdom

Owner/operator/consultant Michael Shepherd believes mid-sized and smaller systems will need a long time to recover from big chains' deep discounting.

Take a bold step forward in 2013 by kick starting new product innovation

Internal dissent is to be expected because food innovation is change, and many people resist change.

Experts warn of impending food price increases

Effects of the 2012 summer drought and a possible sequester are expected to contribute to trend.

NAPICS '13: State of the pizza segment

Although it's currently on the upswing, it is likely to take the restaurant industry until 2020 to reach pre-Recession growth levels.

The return of factory life and pizza

The return of jobs to America means restaurant sales should go up; take advantage of the pendulum's swing.

Responsive web design: Restaurants' No. 1 competitive advantage

Visitors want more from your mobile website. More than 50 percent of those surveyed said they feel annoyed when they visit a website that is not mobile optimized.

35 Top Restaurant Apps [Infographic]

A look at where restaurant consumers are located in the mobile space.

Food innovation can be glamorous and messy, but don't let that stop you!

Time and time again, a great innovative idea is shelved, only to be resurrected years later as a successful new product.

Foodservice learning from the Fancy Food Show

Gluten-free remains a hot trend, while others are just now emerging, such as coconut flavor and salty/sweet combos.

Facebook's Graph finds restaurant ‘Likes’ but falls short of authentic endorsements

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the company was refining its search feature dubbed Graph, a tool it heralded as particularly good for finding restaurants. Unlike a traditional Google search, which hunts for Web page links relative to search terms...

Little Caesars makes big perception gains in 2012

The company finishes in the top 5 after taking its marketing message national.

Vending machine micromarket hot trend: QSR branded products?

Micromarkets can provide benefits such as accessibility, flexibility and profitability for brands willing to adopt them.

Boomers add restaurant occasions while Millennials cut back

Research shows Boomers increasing their share of restaurant traffic in recent years, with Millennials decreasing theirs.

Restaurants surveyed for 2013 food trend predictions

Vegetables are expected to take on a starring role for a change.

Dessert destinations: An opportunity for fast casual or only QSRs?

Fast casuals should do what they do best to conquer the dessert market — customize.

Pizza vending machine garners top readership in 2012

Other popular pizza stories focused on marketing, controversy and culinary trends.

What is the role of fanatical, cult-like menu items in QSR segment?

Cult-like food products drive brand value as the enormous consumer base recognizes and assigns value to the new product developed by a particular company.

Commentary: Visual content tops 2013 restaurant marketing trends

Cause marketing is also a major focus for brand differentiation, as customers seek out establishments that help the community.

Major franchise growth on hold from uncertainty on Capitol Hill

Franchisees cite uncertainty of tax policies, cost of implementing new health care rules and rising cost of energy as major concerns for the coming year.

Experts predict 2013 restaurant trends

Expect mobile and human resources technology to grow significantly.

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