Electronic Loyalty Program Boosts Sales

Sept. 18, 2012

Case Study

The Great Outdoors, a sub shop chain, was looking for a way to increase the frequency and spending per visit as well as measure the results of their loyalty program. The company’s existing punch card program helped build relationships with customers and award repeat business, but lacked the ability to track customer transactions and apply rewards and discounts directly to payment card transaction at the point of sale. vPromos offered a solution with the vPunch Rewards program. This successful partnership:

• Customized the program with different tier levels and specific rewards
• Offered the capability to register customers directly at the POS using a mobile number
• Increased the average of annual member visits by 63 percent versus nonmembers
• Produced detailed data about customer habits such as locations frequented, purchases made and amount spent

Topics: Customer Service / Experience , Loyalty Programs , Systems / Technology

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