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Experimenting with Pizza Flavors

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
April 4, 2014

In the pizza industry, concepts continually have motivation to try something new. Pizzas already come in countless varieties, but combining different items and toppings can create unique offerings that attract new consumers open to originality. While the options are plentiful, adding and tinkering with flavors can positively impact pizza sales and, ultimately, increase revenue.  This white paper, sponsored by Burke Corporation, explains the various aspects of experimenting with pizza flavors, such as:

  • Creating a unique product
  • Charging more for specialty pizzas
  • Flavor trends
  • Expanding target markets
  • Making it work financially

Burke Corporation

Burke Corporation is a leader in fully cooked meats and pizza toppings. There’s only one way to make your pizza stand out. And that’s with the toppings.

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