Infographic: Think Mobile First

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April 28, 2014


To say that mobile is having an impact on the retail and restaurant industries is a weapons-grade understatement. 

The disruption is already in full swing, and that's why our executive summit this year is all about mobile and what it is going to mean for the retail and restaurant industries. As this infographic spells out, most Americans now own a smartphone, with a higher-than-average chunk of them in the critical 18-to-29 demographic. 

The agenda for this year's summit takes specific aim at the worries and opportunities that are on the minds of retailers and restaurateurs. How do I go about making mobile work with my existing technology? What do I do with all this data we're collecting? What is the impact of mobile on loyalty? What about the legitimately frightening issues surrounding security and privacy?

This infographic shows exactly why retailers and restaurateurs need to implement a mobile strategy.

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