Profiting with Pizza Toppings

Sponsored by Burke Corporation
Sponsored by: Burke Corporation
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Welcome to the latest edition of “Profiting with Pizza Toppings.” At, we constantly strive to provide readers with the most accurate and up-to-date information; therefore, we revisit our special publications annually to make sure they continue to provide the highest possible level of value.

In this guide, there are several updates and a host of new information. 

To make a good pizza, it’s necessary to have dough, sauce and cheese. But to make a pizzeria a success, great toppings are needed. Unlike the past, when pepperoni, sausage, mushroom and green peppers were the only choices, today’s toppings reflect the cultural diversity that characterizes the United States. These days, pizzas are regularly topped with everything from Latin-American chorizo sausage to Asian influenced teriyaki chicken.

Franchising grew the pizza industry and delivery made it unique. Over the years, pizza has evolved into the ultimate customizable food, and today’s pizzeria can transform dough, sauce, cheese and a dozen or so topping choices into innumerable dining options, with something on the menu to please nearly any palate.

While most customers still cling to the tried-and-true choices of old, operators are demonstrating that when offered variety, customers will try something new. Unique toppings generate a buzz in customers’ mouths and in their conversations. In other words, give them something tasty, and they’ll talk about it.

This guide is a tool for the business side of pizza. Chapter 2 provides simple, mathematical instructions on standardizing toppings amounts for every size of pizza, while Chapter 5 covers safe food handling.

Chapter 6 outlines USDA specifications for different meats and their composition, while Chapter 10 provides tips and techniques for incorporating organic and sustainable products into a pizzeria menu.

Yes, toppings exist to add taste, but that taste can’t be taken to the bank unless an operator knows how to use and sell toppings effectively.

Bottom line: This guide is an information tool for operators. It tracks today’s toppings trends and examines their history. It details the ingredients of authentic Italian sausage and looks at whether fully cooked or raw toppings are best for an operation. In essence, it provides the same things toppings provide to customers: options, which lead to decisions and dollars. would like to thank Burke Corp., a fully cooked toppings manufacturer in Nevada, Iowa, for sponsoring this guide. The company’s generosity brings this guide to you at no cost.