The Future of Digital Signage: Integrated, Interactive, Intelligent Networks

April 9, 2010

Special Report

“Digital Signage,” a frequently-used, all encompassing descriptor, reflects the economies of a fully digital supply chain for media creation, management, connectivity and presentation. Terms such as “electronic display networks,” “video networks” and “private media channel” have been used to describe the technology infrastructure. In seeking its place in advertising plans and budgets, other descriptors have been used. “Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)” generally describes ad-based networks seeking out-of-home ads, “In-store TV” sought a share of TV/broadcast ad spending and in being called “the Outernet,” the medium has tapped into Internet ad budgets.

The Wall Street Journal, carried a page one article titled “In a Shift, Marketers Beef Up Ad Spending Inside Stores.” It reported a focus by Procter & Gamble on “the First Moment of Truth” when someone notices an item on a store shelf as “one of the most important marketing opportunities,” and the firm’s intention to take in-store marketing “from an art to a science.”

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