The Smart Guide for Mobile in the Fast-Casual Restaurant Industry

Oct. 28, 2013

White Paper

After 18 years, “fast-casual” restaurants have grown geometrically from a handful of concepts offering consumers convenience and a pleasant experience with a level of quality above quick service, to one of the fastest expanding sectors across the entire industry that generates over $580 trillion in annual sales.

However, mobile technology is just starting to make an impact on the entire restaurant business. As consumers continue to make a quantum shift away from their desktops to mobile devices, what is the potential upside for online ordering?

For example, can mobile restaurant apps attract new customers with better, faster service? How can you optimize mobile as a convenience to reduce friction for spontaneous orders? In what ways can mobile build loyal patrons? What are the most critical components of a successful mobile app? And, how can leverage mobile increase sales and boost profits? We’ll explore these and more through five questions you should be asking yourself in planning a successful mobile app for your fast-casual restaurant.

Topics: Marketing / Branding / Promotion , Mobile Payments , Systems / Technology

Companies: Blue Rocket, Inc.

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