Profiting with Pizza Toppings

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Sponsored by: Burke Corporation
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Introduction Precooked meats: Menu maximization

Chapter 1 Trends: Focusing on the numbers
Fluctuating commodity costs
Importance of connecting online
Local Sourcing
Diet-specific recipes
Diverse populations

Chapter 2 Commodities and purchasing: What to look for and how to budget
Managing commodity costs
Options for purchasing

 Chapter 3 Cost and us analysis: Toppings profits
Weighty matters
In a pinch

Chapter 4 Marketing: As important as what is being sold
Order taking
Social media
Widening the margin
It's what is being sold, too

Chapter 5 Safe handling: As important as taste
Not fail-safe, but close

Chapter 6 Meats: Still the top toppings
Be specific
Cost controls

Chapter 7 Vegetables and fruits: A healthy alternative
Ship it or shape it?
Heat-seeking customers
Moisture mess

Chapter 8 Healthful pizza: New dough and toppings
Piling on the veggies
Base case
Profitable positioning

Chapter 9 Multitasking: Salads, appetizers and entrees
Finding the marketing benefit
Looks matter

Chapter 10 Organic and sustainable: The new buzzwords
Frequent deliveries a key