Responsible Restaurants: How Operators Can Leverage True Sustainability to Their Advantage

Type: Guide
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Introduction | The importance of sustainability expands

Chapter 1 | Measuring the impact
   What attributes of food have meaningful connections to sustainability?
   How it all adds up

Chapter 2 | Mitigating the impact: Sustainability
   Strategic sourcing: A new role for buyers
   Choosing the right suppliers
   Consumer perception
   Defining local
   Defining organic
   Trend of the decade: Redefining quality

Chapter 3 | The social life of food
   What matters most to consumers?

Chapter 4 | Sharing the sustainability story
   Utilizing life-cycle assessments
   Packaging priorities
   Picking the best packaging
   A prime example: Burgerville

Chapter 5 | ROI of sustainability
   The bottom line

Conclusion | The future of responsible food

Resources | Resource websites and contact information