Webinar: How Applebee's Consolidated Its Talent Management Systems to Increase Efficiency and Their Bottom Line

June 19, 2012

What’s the real cost of managing your hourly workforce?  If you’re one of the three out of five U.S. businesses using multiple systems, the answer is “too much.”

You’ve got a lot of processes, but using a lot of systems to manage them all can cost you. Logging into one program to track employees, another to train them, three to run screenings and at least two more to create schedules just doesn’t make sense.  It also isolates data, making it impossible to measure the real cost, effectiveness and ROI of your total talent management investment.

Listen to this PeopleMatter webinar featuring Bruce Dodge, an Applebee’s franchisee with 78 locations to discover how moving to a single talent management system can increase your restaurant’s ROI.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Companies with an integrated platform experience 38% higher employee engagement
  • Integrated solutions can increase managers productivity 140%
  • Restaurants can experience a 40% lower turnover
  • Improved data validity and document deadlines are nearly 50% easier
  • And how you can increase revenue per employee by 2X

Click the download button to learn how to increase your bottom line. 

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