Webinar: Restaurant Crisis Management: How to Protect Yourself During a Foodborne Illness Incident

Aug. 5, 2009
Meeting Description:

Publicity of an actual or alleged foodborne illness outbreak can be devastating to your restaurant’s revenue and reputation.  While you may be insured for business interruption due to physical damage, commercial property coverage fails to address the unique exposure you have as a restaurant for loss of revenues due to foodborne illness outbreaks.

However, you don’t have to handle an outbreak on your own.  There is help – Business Interruption Coverage and Extra Expense Coverage for Foodborne Illness Outbreaks, including Crisis Management 24/7.

What you will learn:
  • Best Practices for handling these events
  • Staff preparation and planning
  • Damage control and how to do it best

Topics: Food Safety , Insurance / Risk Management , Operations Management , Webinars

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