Computer crash contingency

Computer crash contingency

Don't be a dummy when the POS system crashes. Have a plan in place to continue taking orders and serving customers.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: A pizzeria's crystal ball

The ability to forecast sales, labor and production schedules makes POS systems must-haves for modern pizza operations.

OPERATIONS: POS system: Time saver, money maker

Time slaving becomes time savings with an electronic point-of-sale system.

The decline of free delivery

Slowly and steadily, crushing cost pressures are forcing pizza operators to charge for delivery. Does this change mark the death of free delivery?

An energy crisis in the making

In 2004, pizza operators had cheese prices to blame for lost profits. In 2005 and possibly 2006, soaring energy prices may do more serious damage.

HURRICANE KATRINA: Regrouping, rebuilding and reopening

Pizza operators are known for helping the needy when disaster strikes, but now they're helping each other recover in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Minding the store from afar

Modern POS systems allow pizza operators to monitor their businesses offsite and via the Internet.

Perfecting pizza delivery dispatch

No amount of correct order taking and great pizza baking can overcome mistakes at the delivery dispatch area. Now, however, technology and operator procedures are combining to manage this crucial process better than ever.

New overtime regs fuel labor dispute

It remains to be seen whether new national overtime regulations help or hinder pizza operations, not to mention whether they will last until 2005.

Counting the cost of a pizza POS system

What pizza POS is best for your operation? A do-it-all turnkey system, or a cost-saving do-it-yourselfer?

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