Apex Supply Chain Technologies

Apex automated dispensing solutions make it easy to thrive in real-time retail and food service.

  • Our AnyWhere™ Solutions extend your channels to create a convenient self-serve store for time-crunched customers.
  • Trajectory Cloud™ gives you a powerful, unified transaction platform that integrates with ERP, loyalty and other platforms to deliver personalized experiences at every step and predict where customers are headed next.
  • Our Asset Management Solution for DC and POS handheld devices and electronics gives you point-of-use control and productivity, better organization and less waste.

About Apex

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is the world’s leading innovator of intelligent, cloud-based, automated dispensing solutions for industry, retail and the service sector. Our purpose-built solutions replace inefficient manual processes and inventory with security, control, automation, proximate availability and 24/7 data and business intelligence. This results in substantially lower costs, increased productivity and valuable competitive advantages.

In the past 10 years, Apex has implemented more than 100,000 automated solutions in 44 countries for upwards of 20,000 corporate customers. Many of these customers are on the Global Fortune 500 or Blue Chip lists of companies with the highest turnover. Our CEO and founder Kent Savage introduced the concept of industrial vending more than 20 years ago and is an internationally renowned expert in the field of automated dispensing solutions and supply chain technologies.

All Apex devices are Internet appliances powered by Apex Connect n' Go™ Technology, so there’s no special software to install or maintain. Our proprietary Trajectory Cloud™ platform provides real-time visibility, tracking and control, and can integrate with other enterprise applications such as purchasing, warehouse management and e-commerce systems.

Products and Services

AnyWhere™ Axcess™ 6800 Series

Reach new customers with 24/7 “click-and-collect” remote order pickup lockers.  Our AnyWhere self-serve shopping solutions ensure your brand is available to your customers AnyTime, AnyPlace and AnyWhere they want.  Learn more »

AnyWhere™ Flow-Thru Lockers

Busy mobile order customers don’t like waiting in line. With AnyWhere™ Flow-Thru Lockers, they can pick-up their orders in seconds – while you get automated efficiency that boosts mobile order sales and profitability. Learn more »
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Apex Supply Chain Technologies

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