Blaze Pizza

It's a pizza joint with a more current twist.

The concept is centered around delivering an unbelievably great pizza — crazy fast — and a great deal of attention has been put against speed of service. Menu boards are prominently placed, simple and easy to navigate. Our 8 signature pizzas give customers a suggested starting point for their perfect pie, making ordering even easier. Our goal is for guests to spend their time enjoying their meal—not waiting for it.

Our Growth Strategy
Over the next few years, we plan to build a large footprint of restaurants across the U.S. by partnering with multi-unit franchisees. We’re primarily interested in centers that service both lunch/daytime traffic (office workers, hospitals, lifestyle, transportation & mall food courts) and dinner/nighttime traffic (residential and entertainment). We prefer to have co-tenancy with similar contemporary fast-casual brands (think Chipotle®, Five Guys®, and Panera Bread®).

Franchise Criteria
Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza is seeking multi-unit development partners. To be considered, our franchise candidates will preferably meet the following criteria:

  • You must commit to spending 100% of your time in the day to day operation of your restaurant(s). Alternatively, you may designate an Operating Principal to fill this role. (This person should have at least 10% equity in the franchise).
  • You or your Operating Principal should have a proven track record as a multi-unit owner or operator in QSR, fast-casual or restaurant dining.
  • You or your Operating Principal should have familiarity with the trade area that you plan to develop.
  • You, your Operating Principal and all of your partners must demonstrate the enthusiasm, drive and passion required to operate a Blaze Pizza restaurant to our high standards.
  • Including all your partners, you should have a minimum liquidity of $250k (i.e. cash reserves) per restaurant to be developed.
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Blaze Pizza