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Little Caesars Pizza Franchise Benefits

Universal Appeal
Pizza is one of the world’s favorite foods, and Little Caesars represents high quality products with great taste! Customers appreciate our quick, convenient, and friendly service, and we remain a value leader in the industry.

Providing Opportunities To Be the Boss
Entrepreneurs thrive in the Little Caesars system because our support services focus on franchisee's business. There are tremendous opportunities for franchisees looking for financial independence and the chance to make decisions directly impacting their business’ bottom line and their future. From equipment and site selection assistance to outstanding marketing materials, we are here to help you!

Little Caesars Pizza is recognized among the value leaders in the foodservice industry. We pride ourselves on our winning concept and products that uniquely meet customers’ needs and create a strong value proposition.  

Quality Products
Little Caesars products are made with our quality ingredients, such as 100% mozzarella and Muenster cheese, dough made fresh daily in every store and sauce made from California crushed tomatoes.

Our satisfied customers enjoy the affordability of Little Caesars Pizza products. Our franchisees also recognize that the investment for a Little Caesars franchise is reasonable.

Industry Innovation
We continue to improve our brand strength and our operating system through innovation. We were among the first to use a conveyor pizza oven in our Pizza Pride Production System. In 1979, Little Caesars coined the phrase Pizza!Pizza!® and changed the industry forever. Today, Little Caesars offers HOT-N-READY™ pizza that provides customers the convenience they crave by getting a great tasting pizza that's hot out of the oven and ready when they are!

National Brand Recognition
Our Little Caesar character is loved around the world. His whimsical personality evokes thoughts of family fun and good times with friends. His signature phrase “Pizza!Pizza!®” is repeated whenever he appears, and customers love having their picture taken with the beloved icon. 

Training and Consultation
We provide a comprehensive training program to our franchisees. We also provide you with store opening support as well as continuing support and assistance. 

Our franchisees often comment that they've enjoyed life experience of being a Little Caesars business owner. Our franchisees are excited about being in business for themselves, but not by themselves. You can too! Live the dream with Little Caesars Pizza! 

In a League All Our Own
Customers really love our HOT-N-READY® products, which can only be found at Little Caesars Pizza. Many customers don’t want to wait for their meal, so our unique position in the pizza segment gives us an advantage over our competitors.  

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