Designed expressly for the off-premise market, this unit has a sleek silhouette with enhanced PIN security and is quick pick lottery capable for a faster return on investment. It runs a Windows-based operating systems and communicates with the host via Triton Dynamic Language (TDL) for faster processing, feature rich software functionality and smart controls for easy interactive customization. ADA and PCI compliant. EMV ready. Download brochure.

Products and Services

Triton ARGO

The Brightest Star in the Triton Product Line! Learn more »

Triton ARGO ATM Touchscreen

"Coming Soon" - Triton’s newest touchscreen ATM, the ARGO 15, is available with a 15" wide color screen display and five dispenser options. Learn more »

Triton ARGO Cash Recycler

NEW - Introducing the ARGO G60 cash recycler, a multi-function, off-premise cash recycling ATM that costs thousands of dollars less than traditional full function banking machines. Learn more »

Triton ARGO 12.0 Color Display

New - With a stunning 12.1" color display, the ARGO is ideal for banks and credit unions that want to advertise their products and services through customized on-screen messages.  Learn more »

Triton ARGO 7.0 Touchscreen

Triton’s first touchscreen ATM. Learn more »

Triton ARGO 7.0 ECO

Provide your customers with e-mail receipts and save money with the eco-friendly, printer-less ARGO 7.0 ECO. Learn more »
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