D. B. "Libby" Libhart
D.B. “Libby” Libhart has more than 30 years of experience in the loss prevention industry. He has provided security and safety leadership in retail settings such as department stores, drug stores and quick-service restaurants. Before launching his own company, LossBusters, Libby served as the Senior Director of U.S. Security and Safety for McDonald’s Corp. He entered the QSR industry with Taco Bell and subsequently YUM Brands. wwwView D. B. "Libby" Libhart's profile on LinkedIn

What makes you say that?

I met with a potential client this past week. It was a referral from a current client that knows I can help this business with their many in-house “issues.” The manager of the business said that he suspected an employee of stealing and perhaps bringing drugs into the workplace.

Slippery when wet – A mop bucket mentality

I first noticed the unmistakable sound of a mop bucket being pushed across a tile floor. I glanced over at the shift manager as he rolled the bucket of hot sudsy water toward the doors.

If it looks like a duck

A friend of mine is a district manager for a fast casual restaurant franchisee who was recently sharing the details of a late night robbery at one of his restaurants. As the closing crew was exiting the restaurant, the shift manager told the crew to go on ahead; he had to re-enter the restaurant to retrieve something from the office.

Make the connection to better food cost

As an industry, we are facing the continuous rise of commodities that adversely affect our businesses. The rising price in grains and feed affect the price of raising cows, pigs, and chickens, and increases the price for milk, eggs and of course the meat and poultry.

A great find and loss

He was a great find. An experienced fast food manager walked in and applied for an open shift manager position.

Cut costs by trimming fees

In these trying times, every penny added to the bottom line counts heavily toward profitability. We search in ways to cut costs while still giving the customer the experience that will keep them satisfied and coming back.

Of mice and men and pizzerias

Business ethics, or lack of them, apparently has made its way into the world of pizza in a Philadelphia suburb. A pizzeria owner had a problem with mice that, for whatever reason, he blamed on two competitors in the neighborhood.

Excessive exposure results in sunburn, frostbite, violent robbery

Exposure to the elements for any length of time can lead to devastating consequences. Skin unprotected from the sun may result in serious sunburn.  With extended exposure to freezing temperatures, human tissue may be susceptible to frostbite.

Rising food costs: The late night exchange

“Pizza, pizza, pizza! Everyday it’s pizza! I get so tired of the pizza that I eat for free as a benefit of working here. So, with a little ingenuity, our late night crew now gets a little variety in our diet.

Getting the police to do something

I heard the complaint again today. The local police are not responding.

Robbery turned wrestling match

The headline in the local newspaper caught my eye, “Pizza shop owner disarms robber,” accompanied by a photo of the grinning business owner with one of his delivery drivers. As a loss prevention professional I understand there are differing perspectives on this.

Holiday business crime prevention tips

Typically crime increases during the holiday season, and stores and restaurants are not exempt. Unfortunately, dishonest people and criminals are attracted to cash businesses and resort to robbery, burglary, shoplifting, credit and gift card fraud, embezzlement, and theft. The following...

Skimming: credit cards - and profits

Credit card skimming in the restaurant industry is becoming more exposed as high-dollar theft cases are being made against restaurant workers. Recently in the Minneapolis – St.

Taking control of who has what

Do you have control of your restaurant? By that I mean everyone who has keys to the building, and storage areas, codes to the POS system, and combinations to the safe are authorized. And by authorized, I mean they have been properly screened, vetted, and have shown the appropriate responsibility to run your business.

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