Ed Zimmerman
Ed Zimmerman is a pizza industry veteran and President of The Food Connector. His almost four decades of foodservice experience includes food manufacturing and distribution leadership, food industry technology, marketing services and restaurant and grocery operations management. View Ed Zimmerman's profile on LinkedIn

Small businesses don’t 'like' the new Facebook

Facebook finally adopted the publishing model of the old school media: If you want to publicize your business, you have to pay. Small business owners and restaurateurs will have to quickly re-evaluate their marketing plans for 2015.

Is your restaurant green?

Even though going green may cost more than conventional items, consumers are willing to pay more for the opportunity; for them it is not an indulgence but a necessity.

Log onto the tech revolution or get left behind

Restaurants are opting for fully integrated digital menus, which speed up service, educate customers easily and tap into inventory and POS systems.

Uber's move into foodservice showcases importance of convenience

Recent partnerships and service launches show that consumers want convenience and are willing to pay for it.

Three ways restaurants can be smarter with local schools

Online ordering is the perfect way to remind students, parents and school administrators that you care about their needs by offering them a quick and value-oriented way to order their meals.

How do you become the Uber of food?

When an idea comes along like UBER or OpenTable, you have to challenge the status quo and create a better way to serve the customer.

Millennials want more than brand familiarity

Younger consumers are willing to pay extra for products from companies with positive social, environmental impacts.

The breakfast wars

Pizza operators have everything they need to dive into the morning daypart, except eggs.

The personal touch

If you want to earn the public's trust and their business, you have to be transparent.

Can retail experience predict the foodservice future?

Foodservice operators should offer fewer menu choices and absolutely nail the execution in the kitchen.

Why I hate foodservice gloves and you should, too

I worked in kitchens and managed kitchens throughout the 1970s and '80s. There was a generally good awareness of food safety, cross contamination and basic responsibility to the dining public.

Higher beef prices, mobile ordering on the menu for 2014

Expect a moderate sales growth rate this year.

The rising popularity of foodservice mac and cheese

Adding Mac & Cheese is simple from an operational point of view, and pasta is typically low cost.

Not so scary Halloween

Consumers spend a lot for Halloween; the key is to be creative and promote louder than your competition.

Delivering more than pizza

With the holidays around the corner, think creatively about using delivery to achieve something great.

Back to school – Back to basics

It is cheaper to sell more to current customers than find new ones, motivate them.

An obesity solution

In Europe, a commission has set a goal to make pizza healthier.

The hourglass consumer

As the middle class is squeezed, those operators that serve them will find their customer counts slipping.

'Here Be Dragons'

During the Age of Exploration, brave people climbed aboard wooden ships to set sail for faraway lands. Armed with a compass and spyglass, these explorers risked life and limb in search of spices, treasures or just a new land and way of life. The first explorers had no maps.

An era of breadwinner moms

Are restaurateurs catering to the trend of men doing more of the household management duties?

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