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James Bickers is the former senior editor of Retail Customer Experience, and also manages webinars for Networld Media Group. He has more than 20 years experience as a journalist and innovative content strategist, with publication credits in national, international and regional publications. wwwView James Bickers's profile on LinkedIn

Why operators need to know about patent trolls

Patent trolls could cost restaurants money and slow innovation. Here's what operators need to know about patent trolls.

McDonald's, Subway named as initial Apple Pay partners

The new mobile wallet eliminates the need for a magstripe, instead generating a single-use, unique number for each transaction.

Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first. [infographic]

Most Americans now own a smartphone and are using them to shop and eat out.

Q&A with MICROS' Tom Moran

Retail Customer Experience editor James Bickers recently attended the MICROS 2008 Users Conference. While there he sat down with Tom Moran, vice president of restaurant sales and strategies for MICROS, to discuss data security, the company's partner network and advice for operators in the current economic climate.

New research: Most credit card data hacks occur in food service

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- New research from global payment security consultancy Trustwave analyzes the most common methods and targets of recent card breach incidents, and the results may surprise merchants. Methods of card data compromise - the top 10   1.

New JFK terminal will feature touchscreen food ordering - with gate delivery

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Travelers in a hurry to get through security and to their airport gates often walk right past some of their best food options, and find the picking slim once it's time to wait for the boarding call.   But that experience will change for fliers departing John F.

MICROS unveils high-durability bumpbars, 10-hour mobile power tray

ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- MICROS has announced two upcoming hardware products at its 2008 Users Conference, held Sept.14-16 in Annapolis, Md.   The new Duraswitch bumpbar has keys that are each rated for up to 30 million activations.

Seeing red, avoiding the blues

Redlining — restricting delivery areas by marking off a map with red lines — is always a contentious and controversial topic in the pizza industry. Operators often base refusals to deliver on safety concerns or non-payment problems, but redlined customers and civil liberties groups commonly claim such operators are racist.

Green Piece

Albeit slowly, sales of pizzas topped with vegetables are growing.

Melting Profits

Even with fall on the way, there's no relief in sight yet from high cheese prices.

Web-phone ordering still in the works at Domino's

As partners in Web-phone ordering initiatives, Domino's Pizza and Motorola see hand-held devices as key to pizza's future.

Fishing for Toppings

It's taken some time, but operators have learned that seafood toppings can net new customers.

A Slow Return to Normal

As the holidays draw near, operators look forward to a fourth quarter business boost

Danger Zone

Regular training helps delivery drivers avoid becoming another crime statistic.

Seeing Red

Pizzeria operators perceive delivery redlining as a safety policy, but it often angers customers who sometimes see it as discrimination.

Fat Flee

Some customers are leaving the calories and fat behind and trying veggie, low-fat and fat-free cheeses on their pizzas

Changing Teams

Former Pizza Hut executives buy 59 Little Caesars stores, and aim to grow to 350

Catchy or Clumsy?

Some ad slogans seem timeless, while others are easily forgotten. We ask three experts why some taglines stick in consumers' minds, while others never take root.

Sister Act

Unwilling to watch the family business be sold upon their dad's retirement, two sisters step in to take over Jakeeno's Pizza.

A Chilling Increase

Like 'em or not, pizzeria operators should take note of the growth of frozen pizza sales at groceries.

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