Jeff Fromm / Jeff is executive vice president at Barkley, an advertising agency in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the lead editor of and a co-author of Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever.
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McDonald’s automated cashier: Will it win with millennials?

Using self-service kiosks will provide the chain with customer data to enable more personal engagement and purchasing suggestions.

Using technology to reach Millennials

A key finding of our first Millennial study was the mantra, "Useful is the new cool." In our follow up study, "Millennials as New Parents: The Rise of a New American Pragmatism," this mantra still applies, but with Millennial parents...

Chipotle embracing Adventure as a winning Millennial marketing strategy

Millennials seek adventure not only in their activities but in their eating. This month, Chipotle is launching its 20th anniversary treasure hunt titled, "Adventurrito." The 20-day-long treasure hunt began this week and consists of daily puzzles for followers to solve...

Will craft beers increase limited-service occasions with Millennials?

As QSRs and fast casual concepts race to remain relevant to Millennial consumers, some restaurants are looking to beer for help. Of course, they’re not looking at just any beer, they’re looking at craft beer. Craft beers are defined as beers brewed at microbreweries across the United States and the world.

5 reasons Millennials love pizza

Pizza might be one of the most versatile ways to grab a quick bite to eat. It comes in takeout, delivery, dine-in, frozen and take-and-bake.

Are Millennials to blame for potential chicken wing shortage?

This demographic likes to create their own dining experience and share it alongside friends or family.

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