Jitendra Gupta
Jitendra Gupta is a Co-Founder and Head of Product at Punchh, a mobile engagement and actionable insights platform that includes branded mobile apps for campaigns, games, loyalty, online ordering, payments, referrals, reviews, gift cards, surveys, and integrates with social networks and operators’ POS systems to gather 360° customer insights. Punchh helps restaurants increase same store sales and profitability by driving repeat visits, word of mouth, new customer referrals, and higher returns from marketing campaigns. wwwView Jitendra Gupta's profile on LinkedIn

Apple Pay to lead the way in customer loyalty

By the end of 2015, it’s expected nearly every retailer will have NFC readers.

Mobile CRM is a game changer that puts every restaurant on an even playing field

Heavy users of a brand do respond to rewards, but most customers prefer nuanced benefits, like special status as a VIP who gets access to private promotions.

Mobile apps are restaurant marketing’s future, not mobile websites

Apps must provide significant value and engagement to users, not just routes to ads or videos or other low-value ends.

How to surprise and delight your loyal customers

Customers spend 15-20 percent more when they order online, so reward them for Web orders.

Earn and Burn vs Surprise and Delight

Marketers view all loyalty programs using two main paradigms: Earn and Burn and Surprise and Delight. Often, marketers struggle with choosing the right loyalty program.

Use mobile to get customers to fall in love (with your brand)

What should your top goal as a brand be in 2014? Trust me, it should be to get your customers to love your brand. Zero ROI marketing? For those of us with our dating years behind us, Valentine's Day dates seem humorous now. Most of the time those nights out meant a lot of money was spent trying to impress another person ...

Dunkin vs Starbucks hinges on loyalty, rewards

Being a leader is great, but being a fast follower can be equally as good.

Mobile is ideal for Millennials

When it comes to mobile marketing in fast casual restaurants, it's all about Millennials—at least that's the belief of several restaurant operators we listened to at last week's Fast Casual Executive Summit in New Orleans. A panel titled, "The Big...

Solving the fake online review problem through mobile customer engagement

New York regulators have had enough of fake online customer reviews. Last week, Eric Schneiderman, the state’s attorney general, slapped 19 companies with $350,000 in penalties for mandating that employees and hired reviewers—many of whom had never even used their...

5 questions to ask before choosing a mobile partner

By Jitendra Gupta CEO, Punchh Forgive me for sounding like a father advising a child on marriage, but this bit of advice is a good one for choosing a mobile partner: Ask questions first. Lots of them. 1.

Mobile marketing not a tech toy, it’s the height of CRM

Many of us at Punchh once worked at Siebel Systems, a pioneer in the Customer Relationship Management market. Convincing large enterprises like banks and telcos to invest in CRM was a tough job back then.

Big data in little hands: It happens with mobile

The advertising world reeled on July 28 when it learned two of the industry’s largest firms, Omnicon and Publicis, merged to form the largest ad company on the planet. The marriage wasn’t about shared dowries of overflowing creative resources, the...

Everyone is a millennial, and engaging them is not an option!

Phew! I can't believe it's almost a month since this year's NRA Show (yeah, that one!) and the Marketing Executives Group meeting in Chicago. I love both events and have been a regular for the last three years.

Not open to discussion: The time for restaurant mobile apps is now

Remember back in the 1990s, when business owners asked, “Do we really need a website?” My, how quickly that question disappeared. Today the vast majority of businesses now have websites, and for a good portion of those, it’s the only...

The secret to word of mouth marketing: No one person behind the curtain can do it all

In 1939, few movie characters were scarier than the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion were terrified by the specter of the Wizard’s floating head, his snarling expression and booming voice. Everyone except Toto.

Managing customers' mobile preferences correctly doesn’t need compromises

There is no magical solution to meeting every single demand of mobile-savvy customers.

George Washington couldn’t lie. Honesty is still the best communication policy with customers.

Legend has it that when George Washington’s father asked him whether he’d chopped down his cherry tree, young Washington said, “I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet.” Whether truth or fiction, such rigorous honesty is...

Romance your customers on Valentine’s Day by engaging them

Valentine's Day has me thinking about how new lovers aren't all that different from new restaurant customers: Both want attention that affirms the other party really cares about them. Ironically, restaurateurs also tend to treat customers the way lovers do...

For now, mobile payment is more neat-o than necessary

For the past couple of years, retailers have talked incessantly about mobile payment technology and made untold investments to allow their customers to pay for goods and services with their phones. These businesses are convinced mobile payment is convenient for...

Facebook's Graph finds restaurant ‘Likes’ but falls short of authentic endorsements

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the company was refining its search feature dubbed Graph, a tool it heralded as particularly good for finding restaurants. Unlike a traditional Google search, which hunts for Web page links relative to search terms...

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