Nate DaPore / Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter President and Chief Executive Officer As the spirited leader of PeopleMatter, Nate is passionate about providing team members, including his own, with a rewarding workplace experience that values creativity and innovation.
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De-Silo HR: The Next Evolution

It is projected that by 2013, 15 percent of business intelligence deployments will combine BI, collaboration and social software into decision-making environments.

The HR Takeaway From The 99%

Occupy movement has been smart to leverage social media, make their members feel like part of a team and reward and recognize their efforts.

'Save As' is the new 'Print' Part 2

If you haven't realized the need for (mobile) speed or scheduled meetings with your IT team after reading "Save As" is the New "Print," Part 1 you might want to block off your afternoon. Employee scheduling, engagement and communication are...

'Save As' is the new 'Print' Part 1

What if I told you there was a secret HR weapon that could increase your overall efficiency, satisfaction and profit…and it wouldn’t cost you any arms, legs or first-borns? You’d stop reading this and start using it, right? Wrong. There...

Will Groupon be the next

Groupon continues to be front and center in the foodservice industry. A day doesn't go by where I don't hear the name Groupon from an operator, see an RSS feed with some B-School analyst speculating on its business model, or get another offer to buy "X" at "Y" price to get "Z".

Tableside POS is a game changer

Higher sales, fewer servers, faster table turns, and happier, more loyal customers – Tableside Point-of-Sale offers all this and more. I foresee that it is going to profoundly change the customer experience for the better. Make POS mobile Typically, a server spends less than 20 percent of his time interacting with customers.

Is it "what" or "who" you hire?

One of the most critical —and sometimes frustrating — challenges managers face today is staffing. In the restaurant industry, being fully staffed with high-quality employees is paramount and a key to success.

Leverage social media outlets for your new hires

How did most of your applicants find you? Did they use a job board or did they walk in and ask one of your team members for an application? More and more employers these days are leveraging their social media...

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