Paul Mcginnis
Paul McGinnis is the VP of Marketing for Ecolab's Food Safety Specialties division (formerly Daydots). He is an author and a speaker, and currently serves as editor-in-chief of Food Safety Solutions magazine. www

Gloves! The Controversy Continues - Part 3

If glove use is going to be effective, several factors should be considered when designing a disposable glove program. Size is vitally important to ensure the safety of the employee, as well as the safety of the food.

Gloves! The Controversy Continues – Part 2

There is a general agreement that hand sanitation is a problem, but how that problem is best addressed is not always clear. The arguments to wear gloves and to not wear gloves are both persuasive.

Gloves! The controversy continues – Part 1

To glove, or not to glove, that is the question. It’s a debate that has raged in foodservice circles for years and centers on the question of whether hand washing alone is effective in preventing foodborne illness. One side believes that hand washing is sufficient.

Philosophically Speaking

On occasion, I enjoy listening to the words of philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates or theologians such as Wesley or Spurgeon. But, hands down, the deep thoughts I enjoy the most are from a lesser- known philosopher by the name of Jack Handy.

'Groundhog Day' isn't reality

'Groundhog Day' isn't reality Isn't it frustrating not knowing what is going to happen next -- mot knowing what is lurking around the next corner? If we could only know, then maybe we could plan better. We could prepare more...

A Big Apple surprise – restaurateur shows concern for food allergies

I jumped out of the cab and just stood there taking it all in – the smell of roasted peanuts, the constant honking of taxis and the bright lights of hundreds of billboards. Was this small town boy afraid .

Endurance, determination & training

It was my junior year in high school. I had always wanted to play basketball but due to a variety of circumstances did not have the chance… until now.

Making the grade

I remember it like it was yesterday… Derek, my best friend in 7th grade, ducked down in the back seat of the school bus and said “Cover me!” I turned around to at least act like I was protecting him from any back of the bus intruders. Then I peeked over my left shoulder to see what I was protecting for him.

All this change is driving me crazy!

I was sure it would be a short, 15-minute lesson about e-mail to my 62-year old father. Tell him the basics, have him create and respond to an e-mail and then pat myself on the back for ushering my dad into the 21st century.

Most Toilets Flush in E Flat

This was the statement my son greeted me with as I came home from work one Friday afternoon. Most dads would expect a familiar word like “Hello” or the ever popular phrase “How’s was work today?” But, not my son.

Doing food safety 'til the cows come home

From the second I walked through the front entrance, I noticed a difference. Maybe it was the warm, sincere greeting at the front desk or the quick tour and history of the company I was given on the way to the elevator.

Please, No More Tacos!

Taco Sunday. Just typing the phrase brings back a flood of memories involving lots of ground beef and hungry teenagers.

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