Shawn Chute / Shawn Chute is a 14 year veteran of the tech industry and the COO of Sutus, a leading integrated communications company specializing in the pizza industry. Sutus customers include large brand names such as Dominos and small independent pizzerias.

How an automated callback feature leads to happy customers and delivery staff

A call to tell customers their pizza is en route can lead to higher tips and quicker turnaround.

Using technology to streamline your phone and delivery operations

You need communications system that helps you manage the entire customer ordering experience; one that can generate the business data you need to implement the right operational changes.

Upselling customers and getting the most out of advanced messaging

When your phone line is busy, or your staff too busy to do more than take orders, you will miss out on opportunities to upsell customers.

Improving efficiency through call reporting

There are now several phone and communications solutions on the market that come with reporting and advanced analytics as standard, including number of calls, staff response time, order processing time and more.

Using technology to upsell customers

On-hold messaging is now advanced enough to work as a successful marketing tool.

Improving the customer call experience

For pizzerias, particularly those without dine-in facilities, your phone system is more than a business tool, it's the lifeblood of your business and the primary source of contact with your customers. It is therefore critical that the customer's call experience...

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