Study: Higher pay might equal lower restaurant hygiene

In the months leading up to wage increases in places like Oregon and elsewhere, we've heard incessant cries that higher wages would lead to higher menu prices and lower overall business. While the verdict on that is still out, at...

Illinois food allergy training regulations to take effect Jan. 1

On Friday, the state of Illinois officially added food allergy training requirements to the state's food handling regulations, according to a news release from the Colorado-based training company, MenuTrinfo, whose leadership has been closely watching the progress of the legislation....

One dead, 140 sickened in US by papayas from Mexican farm

One person is dead and 140 others have been reported infected with strains of Salmonella traced to papayas imported from Mexico to the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A related news release from food...

Gluten-free trend strong with 625 new products in 2 months

The gluten-free product and service certification concern Gluten Intolerance Group has put its official stamp of approval on at least 625 products in North America this summer, which the organization said it sees as a good indicator of the strength...

Papa John's gluten-free crust goes national ... and back to prehistory

Sometimes you have to go way back to get ahead in today's restaurant business. That's exactly what Papa John's has done with its new gluten-free, wheatless crust, made from — among other things — one of the first plants to...

Long Range Systems partners with VeriSolutions to improve restaurant operations

Long Range Systems, a global provider of on-site guest paging, tracking and restaurant intelligence tools, has announced a strategic partnership with VeriSolutions, a provider of restaurant automation, temperature monitoring solutions and more, to improve restaurants' operational efficiency. "LRS and VeriSolutions...

Papa John's turns to antiquity to meet latest pizza trend

Sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa are all grains used in antiquity. But the food service industry is embracing them as among the trendiest edibles going — one reason that Papa John's is using those four grains in its new gluten-free pizza crust now testing in five large U.S.

Operators and vendors join forces to set supply chain best practices

Foodservice supply chain company, HAVI, has joined with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, food industry consultants at Kinetic12 and research company, Datassential to help develop what a news release said will be the first set of supply chain best practices...

With 10 million daily food deliveries, Meituan-Dianping a name to know

It may be relatively unknown in the Western World, but in 20 of China's biggest cities, the name Meituan-Dianping is as commonly heard as Amazon and Google. That's because in China Meituan-Dianping delivers fast food to just about everybody there...

In-N-Out, Mellow Mushroom, Chipotle top list of allergy-friendly chains

The food allergy site, AllergyEats, has dubbed its Top 10 shining star restaurants when it comes to giving customers with food intolerances what they want and need. The Top 10 list is solely focused on how well a chain "accommodated...

[WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

It's true. The number of foodborne illnesses has grown in recent years.

[LIVE WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

Mistakes are inevitable in any endeavor, but with all the players and products involved in a typical food service operation, they are almost sure to occur. That's a scary thought when you consider that — at least in some cases involving food safety issues — there are not only whole brands at stake, but most importantly, human life.

Automated food safety compliance platform hits market

VeriSolutions and AT&T have created an automated system to help restaurant brands comply with food-safety guidelines. VeriSolutions' platform features a temperature-monitoring solution using AT&T IoT technology to gain insight into equipment, including: • AT&T global SIM-embedded sensors for temperature and...

Telus, Digi International partner for IoT food-safety solution

Telus and Digi International have partnered to introduce an Internet of Things food-safety technology that monitors the temperature of perishable goods.

World's largest food service provider goes totally cage-free

The world’s largest food service provider, Compass Group, said today it is replacing all of its eggs — liquid and shelled — with cage-free varieties in 50 countries worldwide. According to the company's website, globally they and their partners provide 4 billion meals annually in 50,000 locations.

The rise of the grocerant triggers rising food-safety concerns

For proof that an increasing number of Americans are purchasing "restaurant-style food" at their groceries, you need look no further than the fact that this business even has a newly coined name: The grocerant. In fact, supermarket-provided restaurant-style meals are...

Seattle E. coli outbreak spreads to 4 states, original restaurant not only source

At least 10 people in four states have been sickened by a Shiga toxin-producing strain of E. Coli 0157, according to multiple news reports, including the Seattle Times.

Something's fishy: 1 in 5 seafood samples fraudulently labeled

A new worldwide study of the global seafood supply chain finds it's rife with fraud.

Pret a Manger hit with lawsuit

A New York City man is suing Pret a Manger after he a went into anaphylactic shock. He alleges that the restaurant staff served him food containing sesame after assuring him the food was free of the allergen. The New...

New food allergy app seeks restaurants' participation

A new app introduced this week called DineSafe claims to take the risk out of eating out for people who have allergies or who are on special diets. About 15 million Americans have food allergies, while 60 percent have dietary restrictions, according to a news release from DineSafe.

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