Kids LiveWell program will help parents and restaurants

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) recently rolled out their Kids LiveWell program. The program is designed to be mutually beneficial to kids' health and restaurants' bottom lines by designating certain kids' menu items as healthy choices.

The battle between Breakfast and Snack: Part 2

Click here if you missed Part 1. The yearly Trend Award ceremony was only a few weeks away and while the nominations had been announced, the winners were not yet finalized. The categories ranged from Best New Trend, Lifestyle Impact Award, Best New Packaging Trend, and the coveted Trend of the Year award.

Healthy Beverage Innovation: PepsiCo leads the way

Healthy Beverage Innovation: PepsiCo Leads the way PepsiCo is one company that believes in Return on Innovation Investment (ROII), and is facing the challenge head on! So what are they doing? 1. PepsiCo has set a business goal of doubling...

The battle between breakfast and snack: Part 1

The yearly Trend Award ceremony was only a few weeks away, and while the nominations had been announced, the winners were not yet finalized. The categories ranged from Best New Trend, Lifestyle Impact award, Best New Packaging Trend and the...

Menu Labeling Tips: Part 2

As the country begins to see calories on menus, I have some awesome ideas and tips to make your food and menu items a bit better in the numbers department. (Click here to read Part 1 for last week's tips.) Let me be super clear; I am not suggesting that you take a signature dish and make it taste so different you lose your business.

Are you serving flexitarians?

After a decade of intense meat worship, chefs are procuring, preparing and serving vegetables with the same love and attention they previously reserved for Ossabaw pork or grass-fed marrow bones. If you're not vegetarian or carnivore, what are you? The...

Menu-labeling tips for adults, kiddos

The time is rapidly approaching when you will need to clearly disclose the calorie counts for every standardized item on your menus. You might not run the risk of a fine or slap on the hand from an agency, but consumer backlash in this day of instant access, opinion and screaming fans is clear.

NRA, Healthy Dining launch healthy menu initiative for kids

Nineteen restaurant chains sign up as inaugural participants.

Menu labeling doesn't have to be difficult (video)

PizzaMarketPlace Editor Cherryh Butler interviews Betsy Craig, owner of MenuTrinFo, about the importance of menu labeling.

Gluten free done right

Jeff Drake, President of GoRoma, a fast-casual Italian restaurant with six locations in the Chicago area, is glad he decided to feature gluten-free menu options. The chain had always had some gluten-free items available and plenty of requests for them,...

Uno’s new menu has global influence

Offerings include new artisan thin crust pizzas with gourmet toppings.

The rise of Neapolitan pizza

Steeped in tradition, becoming a certified VPN member takes commitment.

Hot Italian serves up high style sustainability

While the restaurant industry is among the slowest to go green, Hot Italian proves LEED certification is red hot.

Trending Now: The growth of see-through food

By Mindy Armstrong Farmers markets around the country are back in full swing for the summer growing season. These direct-to-consumer venues represent perhaps the purest expression of a growing consumer demand — and a growing consumer desire.

Hot gluten free mess of new products

WestEx was a hot gluten-free mess of new products everywhere you turned.   Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the Annual State Restaurant Expo here in Colorado.

10 popular gluten-free menu ideas

For restaurateurs who have decided to offer any sort of gluten-free menu items, the path can be a rough one that will end up creating a win-win situation for your establishment.  It seems that everywhere you turn there is once again something that a person who has Ceilac Disease is not allowed to eat. The list is depressingly long.

Nutritional calculators: The diner's guide to healthy eating

Restaurants are embracing consumers' demand to know more.

Decoded: the National Menu Labeling Law

By Lara Baldwin By now you have probably read headline after headline announcing the FDA’s release of proposed guidelines for calorie labeling in restaurants and vending machines. But what does it all mean? The document itself is 138 pages, but all you want are answers to some very standard questions.

Pizza Executive Summit 2011 announces speakers, agenda

The Pizza Executive Summit, an exclusive executive-only event produced by NetWorld Alliance and hosted by, has finalized its keynote speaker, presenters and agenda. The third annual Summit is scheduled for June 26-28 in Chicago at the Sofitel Water Tower....

Raw explained: Tips and tricks for offering raw dishes on your menu

So what do you feed diners who request a raw meal? While salad is a staple of most raw diets, raw dishes can go far beyond that. It just takes some creativity, skill and know-how to whip out a fab raw dish.

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