Déjà vu: Another nutrition labeling delay from feds

Yet another nutrition labeling mandate has been delayed by the FDA. According to MarketWatch and other online sources, Tuesday, the U.S.

Oath pledges growth and good farm practices

Oath Craft Pizza said it's raised $7 million in a series B funding round led by Boston-based venture capital firm Breakaway Venture, bringing the total raised by the brand since its 2015 start to about $16 million, a news release...

Live webinar shows operators how to help diners 'see right through you' in the transparency age

Today's diners will not settle for anything akin to "mystery meat" or other food that smacks of artificial ingredients. They expect simplified ingredients and transparency when it comes to what they are eating. But delivering that is not as easy...

Menu labeling: Big Apple again achieves what feds cannot

As the song says, "making it" in New York has long been seen as the route to also making it "anywhere." But that rule does not apparently apply to menu labeling regulations, which start being enforced in the Big Apple...

Study: Fear of future invades restaurant leadership offices

Fear is invading the offices of restaurant brand leadership across the industry, according to a recent study from L.E.K. Consulting.

Papa John's turns to antiquity to meet latest pizza trend

Sorghum, teff, amaranth and quinoa are all grains used in antiquity. But the food service industry is embracing them as among the trendiest edibles going — one reason that Papa John's is using those four grains in its new gluten-free pizza crust now testing in five large U.S.

Gluten-free market slows

The glow is fading from the gluten-free foods market, where growth is expected to slow significantly from the high double-digit levels of 10 years ago to single digit rates in coming years, according to a study from Research and Markets....

2 pizza brands 'lightening up' spring menus

Both Mod Pizza and Blaze are taking decidedly "lighter touches" with their spring offerings, adding a few veggies to star on their menus. At Mod Pizza it's that 'spear of springtime,' asparagus, that steals the show on the chain's Crosby...

Papa John's gets 'down to earth' in the Bluegrass

Papa John's is really getting down-to-earth about its toppings this spring, beginning right in the heart of the Bluegrass State, just in time for the great Kentucky Derby in early May. The international pizza chain, based in Louisville, Kentucky, has...

In-N-Out, Mellow Mushroom, Chipotle top list of allergy-friendly chains

The food allergy site, AllergyEats, has dubbed its Top 10 shining star restaurants when it comes to giving customers with food intolerances what they want and need. The Top 10 list is solely focused on how well a chain "accommodated...

PizzaRev LTO plants garden goodies atop pies

PizzaRev is flirting with vegetable lovers this month with its LTO that packs cauliflower and kale pesto into a plant-based pie that veggie lovers can gladly plant their teeth in. The seasonal special features pesto made with kale and pine...

Pizza Pizza commits to antibiotic-free chicken

Pizza Pizza is celebrating its 50th year in business by pledging to use only antibiotic-free chicken meat in its restaurants going forward, according to a company news release.

Blaze shakes off artificial, unhealthy ingredients

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza has launched an initiative to rid the chain's food of artificial ingredients with a promotion that offers free pizza to guests, who also pledge to join in the commitment to purer food production and consumption, according to...

AllerTrain approved for food service in Maryland

A Maryland county now requires eateries to have an allergy and gluten-free trained employee on site during operating hours. On Nov. 1, Montgomery County, Maryland, passed AllerTrain, legislation requiring restaurants to have at least one allergy and gluten-free trained employee...

Study: Twice as many chains now banning antibiotic-fed meats

Consumers have demanded that chains stop using antibiotic-fed meat, and it appears that the fast food industry is listening. Nearly twice as many fast-food chains have banned antibiotic-fed meats this year, compared to last year, according to a report from five U.S.

Something's fishy: 1 in 5 seafood samples fraudulently labeled

A new worldwide study of the global seafood supply chain finds it's rife with fraud.

Louisville restaurant says you can have your pizza and diet, too

A Louisville pizza restaurant has a new way for high-protein dieters to stay on their regimens without giving up pizza. Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza's new low-carbohydrate crust is the result of lots of research and customer taste-testing, according to a news release.

Study probes generation gap at the dinner table

At a time when younger generations have no idea how a manual typewriter or rotary dial phone works, it's not surprising that there are big generational differences in the way each age group thinks about dinner. For proof, you need...

'Bam!' Emeril gets into 'shoe biz'

There's nothing funny about slipping in the kitchen, but the thought of Chef Emiril Lagasse — known for his trademark expression, "Bam!" — is going from show business to shoe business to address the issue does have some humor in...

Domino's delivers ... salads

When everybody else wants pizza, there's always one sanctimonious hold-out who must have a salad instead. That fact is key in Domino's reasoning for bringing salads home to their customers nationwide, according to a news release this morning about the...

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