Blaze shakes off artificial, unhealthy ingredients

Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza has launched an initiative to rid the chain's food of artificial ingredients with a promotion that offers free pizza to guests, who also pledge to join in the commitment to purer food production and consumption, according to...

AllerTrain approved for food service in Maryland

A Maryland county now requires eateries to have an allergy and gluten-free trained employee on site during operating hours. On Nov. 1, Montgomery County, Maryland, passed AllerTrain, legislation requiring restaurants to have at least one allergy and gluten-free trained employee...

Study: Twice as many chains now banning antibiotic-fed meats

Consumers have demanded that chains stop using antibiotic-fed meat, and it appears that the fast food industry is listening. Nearly twice as many fast-food chains have banned antibiotic-fed meats this year, compared to last year, according to a report from five U.S.

Something's fishy: 1 in 5 seafood samples fraudulently labeled

A new worldwide study of the global seafood supply chain finds it's rife with fraud.

Louisville restaurant says you can have your pizza and diet, too

A Louisville pizza restaurant has a new way for high-protein dieters to stay on their regimens without giving up pizza. Loui Loui's Authentic Detroit Style Pizza's new low-carbohydrate crust is the result of lots of research and customer taste-testing, according to a news release.

Study probes generation gap at the dinner table

At a time when younger generations have no idea how a manual typewriter or rotary dial phone works, it's not surprising that there are big generational differences in the way each age group thinks about dinner. For proof, you need...

'Bam!' Emeril gets into 'shoe biz'

There's nothing funny about slipping in the kitchen, but the thought of Chef Emiril Lagasse — known for his trademark expression, "Bam!" — is going from show business to shoe business to address the issue does have some humor in...

Domino's delivers ... salads

When everybody else wants pizza, there's always one sanctimonious hold-out who must have a salad instead. That fact is key in Domino's reasoning for bringing salads home to their customers nationwide, according to a news release this morning about the...

Focus Brands and its 5,000 locations commit to all cage-free eggs in 10 years

More than 5,000 ice cream shops, restaurants and bakeries operated by Focus Brands committed today to transition to cage-free eggs over the next 10 years, according to a news release. The company, whose many brands operate under the Carvel name,...

Smoothie system sales down, the NPD Group finds

Dollar sales of smoothie makers declined during the first part of 2016, a press release said. According to the NPD Group, a global information company, dollar sales of these systems declined 10 percent.

Papa Murphy's starts serving antibiotic-free chicken today

Papa Murphy's today became the first national chain pizza restaurant to commit to serving all antibiotic-free chicken for everything on its menu containing the poultry item. In a news release Monday afternoon, the chain said all of its more than...

Hot Italian is a healthful Italian

Hot Italian Pizza is not only "hot" but healthful, according to a national body that certifies restaurant products that meet benchmarks for nutritional and environmental stewardship. The chain became the nation's first and, as of now, only pizzeria to achieve...

Tech, information partnership create tool to target supply chain safety

FoodLogiQ, a software solutions company that measures food safety, has joined with the product information network, 1World Sync, to create a tool that allows food service managers to trace products that they use daily across the supply chain to ensure...

Munchery same-day delivery launches in D.C.

Munchery, based originally out of San Francisco, has expanded into Washington D.C. The service delivers chef-prepared, ready-to-eat meals to customers. "A city of busy commuters, Washington, D.C., is the perfect market to showcase our value: We’re making flavorful, high-quality meals...

Pizza Hut pledges to halt use of BHA/BHT, some preservatives and antibiotics

Pizza Hut is getting on board with an industry-wide movement to cut the less healthful ingredients out of its menu, according to a company press release. This week the Yum! Brand said in a news release that it is committed...

Software hopes to help restaurants meet FDA guidelines

Trabon has introduced its new My Meal, My Way Nutrition Calculator, which helps restaurants seamlessly comply with the FDA regulations that take effect May 2017, according to a company press release. The calculator provides guests with 11 specific nutritional data...

Papa John's strikes high fructose corn syrup from menu

Papa John's has officially removed high fructose corn syrup from all its menu items. This is part of an initiative by the company to purge unhealthy ingredients and additives.

Jet's Pizza flies with new gluten-free option

Jet's Pizza now has a gluten-free pizza option.

Papa John's to eliminate artificial flavors, synthetic colors

Papa John’s has announced it is the first national pizza chain to remove artificial flavors and synthetic colors from its entire food menu.

Pieology Pizzeria introduces custom salad program

Pieology Pizzeria has announced that its new custom salad program is now offered at the majority of its 80 locations.

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