Wings lift pizza sales in fall

Sales at pizzerias already are strong in the fall, but sales of wings send them flying. So popular are wings in the U.S., they've evolved into a restaurant subcategory.

Clean restrooms equal happy customers

Your restrooms matter to customers, and, yes, they require constant attention. But at least the process isn't rocket science.

Feathers may fly over wings

A new TV ad from the Wingstop chain claims pizzerias should "stick to pizza" and leave wings to the experts.

The red-hot Hispanic market

American pizza sales have been largely flat for years, but it appears new growth could come from the rapidly growing Hispanic population.

Passing on gas

A small but growing number of pizza operators are using alternative delivery vehicles to reduce gas consumption. There are upfront expenses, but many find the benefits outweigh the costs.

The flame game

The fiery foods craze is working its way into pizza operations. One operator tells how his habañero pizza is heating up sales.

From raft to riches

Cuban émigré Ramon Rodriguez came to America with nothing. Now he's preparing to turn over his $11 million-a-year pizza company to son Raymond.

The emperor's new pizzeria

After a quarter century as an independent, Rey's Pizza in Miami is set for expansion, and now 'the king' is courting licensees.

'Pizza! The Movie' is a terrific tale of the industry

Filmmaker Michael Dorian is showing 'Pizza! The Movie' at several American film festivals this year. Read more and learn why this is a must-see for anyone in the pizza industry.

Talk it up!

Promoting product is important, but positioning an owner's personality is equally important in driving word-of-mouth marketing.

Kings of the pizza contests

Several pizza operators share their tips for winning some of the country's top pizza contests.

NAPICS wrap-up: 4,500 attendees sample a slice of the independent pizza market

A crowded show floor greets operators and exhibitors at the North America Pizza & Ice Cream Show.

Perishable Cash

It looks, smells and tastes like food, but in reality, inventory on your shelves is perishable cash. Manage it tightly, and you could add profits to your bottom line.

OPERATIONS: POS system: Time saver, money maker

Time slaving becomes time savings with an electronic point-of-sale system.

<B>2004 NAPICS ROUND-UP:</B> First-ever North America Pizza & Ice Cream Show draws 4,000 attendees

A combined 7,285 attendees and exhibitors filled the aisles of the Columbus Convention Center for NAPICS, 2004's first pizza show.

Time to order online

Ordering online from a distributor is simple and convenient, but few distributors and pizza operators are using such services.

Looking Back '... Looking Ahead

PizzaMarketplace's editor reviews five significant events that occurred in the pizza industry in 2003, and makes five predictions for 2004.

Can Your Pizza Business Survive an Audit&#63;

Christmas is coming, but if you're a pizza operator or a tipped employee who hasn't recorded his income correctly in 2003, you'd better watch out—for the IRS.

2002: A Year in Review

Sluggish sales amid a sputtering economy didn't stop the pizza industry from delivering a year full of highs and lows in 2002

Raw Deals

Sales of take-and-bake pizza might not seem impressive now, but operators believe its time is coming.

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