Can Your Pizza Business Survive an Audit?

Christmas is coming, but if you're a pizza operator or a tipped employee who hasn't recorded his income correctly in 2003, you'd better watch out—for the IRS.

2002: A Year in Review

Sluggish sales amid a sputtering economy didn't stop the pizza industry from delivering a year full of highs and lows in 2002

Raw Deals

Sales of take-and-bake pizza might not seem impressive now, but operators believe its time is coming.

The bounce stops here

Thanks to the Internet, services that recover funds from bad checks have come a long way recently, and pizza operators are reaping the benefits -- for free.

Easier-bake ovens

Your business has overwhelmed your ability to serve customers in a timely manner. Could a bigger, better, faster oven solve your problems?

Gas price spike = driver rate hike?

Though high gas prices are hitting drivers' wallets, many operators believe their drivers are fairly compensated.

Net Returns

Orders of pizza through the Internet are growing now that operators are learning how to make it work efficiently.

Hot and Handy

Sales of heated pizza delivery bags are growing, but not everyone is convinced they're necessary or worth the added cost.

Seeing Red

Pizzeria operators perceive delivery redlining as a safety policy, but it often angers customers who sometimes see it as discrimination.

To Catch a Thief

Employee theft costs the U.S. restaurant industry billions each year, but if operators are proactive in protecting themselves, they can reduce their chances of getting ripped off.

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