Four Considerations When Purchasing Insurance for Pizza Restaurants

Pizzerias have different insurance needs than other foodservice operations. Learn what type of insurance is needed, how to manage loss runs and how to choose the best agent.

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Searchlight for QSR powered by 360iQ

March Networks Searchlight™ for QSR powered by 360iQ is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that helps quick serve restaurant (QSR) owners cut losses from theft, oversee operations, improve service, and increase profits.

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Benefits of a Safe-Driving Course for Delivery Drivers

For pizzeria drivers, a driver-safety program can potentially offer reduced insurance rates and increased productivity.

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Pizza Owner Liability for Work-Related Car Accidents

Pizzerias are at risk of being sued when their delivery drivers get into accidents. Understanding the legalities can save a significant amount of money.

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10 Steps to Developing a Crisis Management Plan

Being prepared to handle a crisis can mean the difference between keeping a pizzeria open or shutting the doors for good.

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The Benefits of a Driver Safety Program

Motor vehicle accidents can be costly to both a delivery driver and a pizzeria operator, but the implementation of training programs can help reduce their number.

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Why Business Driver Safety for Your Company?

Don't think you need a driver saftey program? works to minimize the liability all employers with drivers face. Download now to learn about the three legal concepts you need to know!

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The Business Driver Safety Program

Curious as to what Business Driver Safety is and how it could help you develop a comprehensive driver safety policy?

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Expert Developed Content gathered the nation’s leading experts in driver safety to help us design this award winning film and course. See what they have to say about Business Driver Safety!

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What Other People Say about Business Driver Safety

A recent survey was conducted by in order determine potential course improvements. has never settled on its performance levels. We have always sought out any improvements that our customers might request. The survey was conducted using a sample...

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Webinar: Restaurant Crisis Management: How to Protect Yourself During a Foodborne Illness Incident

Publicity of an actual or alleged foodborne illness outbreak can be devastating to your restaurant’s revenue and reputation. While you may be insured for business interruption due to physical damage, commercial property coverage fails to address the unique exposure you have as a restaurant for loss of revenues due to foodborne illness outbreaks.

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Handwashing: A Crucial Way to Prevent Foodborne Illness in a Restaurant

A foodborne illness outbreak can severely damage a restaurant's reputation and profits, and leave the restaurant owner liable for lawsuits. Handwashing is a simple and effective way to prevent the spread of foodborne illness in a restaurant. While foodborne illness spreads easily, many cases of it can be prevented by effective handwashing.

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